Songhua river·a galaxy river

Songhua river,the top seven river in China ,flow through Jilin and Heilongjiang-two major province in northeast China and is considered as the largest tributary in helongjiang.

It  derived its name from Sunggari Ula in machu(a severely endangered language in Northeast China),which means “galaxy” river or”sky”river.the ancient people believed this river was shed from the heaven.mostly because of its broadness and fabulous scenery.

Songhua river is extremly cold in winter, So the dweller had their own distintive way to celebrate festivals.For instance,the poor local people usually hung a creative but crude home-made ice lantern to celebrate the spring festival in the Qing dynasty.But now it developed into a exquisite,diverse and complex ice-made artifact.


Songhua river add its charm of the ice to northeast China.without the influence of Songhua river,Haerbin can’t be such a famous tourist destination as today’s Haerbin.Now,a range of activity are offered there,such as ice-skating,kiteflying,rowing,etc.

Just imagine you are strolling on the shoreside,listening the Russian music from the Central Plaza, appreciating the white pigeon perched on the Flood Prevention Cenotaph,that will be a unparalleled experience with combination of Chinese and Western and ice.

I bet you can’t find another place like this in the world


Jack Li

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