Northeast China has a bunch of natural heritage-of which the mirror lake is one,namely the Jingpo lake,It’s among nature’s most spectacular creations in China,and  also rated as the National 5A Scenery Sites(top class), top ten tourist destination in China, yet most foreign tourists have never seen that.

In Chinese,Jingpo means the lake is so peaceful and smooth,as if a clear mirror on the lake.The northern side of the river cascades down the Diaoshuilou Falls,This lake is famous for its craggy limestone cliffs and its turquoise-colored waters.20140516112922-861022580

besides,there are a Chinese folk tale,namely the Hongluo Girl,which add its romantic charm and the unique cultural implication.this is a story about a daughter of fisherman,She was forced to be a Concubine as punishment.Beacause she had sneaked to the palace in order to steel the Longquan Sword-a famous sword in Chinese folk lore.But she turned out to be favored by the King.One day a fish monster shifted her shape into a beauty and made her way to the palace,then become a cocunbine,which resulted in a horror disater,troubling the palace,raising the devil in Jingpo Lake.But finally, Our heroine, Hongluo Girl defeat the demon with the help of fisherman.Now we still can find a statue of Hongluo girl at Jingpo lake.


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