Beijing Gubei Water Town

On October 26, 2015, in Beijing, Great Wall, by Kate Liu

Beijing,Beijing!there are one hundred reason to go. The forbidden City, The Temple of heaven, the Summer Palace.In addition to all of the above,there are another remnant of China’s imperial past—Beijing Gubei Water Town.

Beijing Gubei Water Town is a modernized resort and a combination of Sightseeing services、vacation、commerce exhibition and creative culture at present.It is located in Miyun County of Beijing near the Simatai Great Wall.The town is also known as its steepness and sublime scenery. Qianlong Emperor pay tribute to its steepness and importance more than once.Unlike the others travel destination in Beijing, Gubei Water Town is lightly populated,where you can enjoy the calmness.also,there are a variety of hot spring where you can relax yourself.

Besides, Gubei Water Town also offered a range of festival activity,especially at night,take visit great wall at night for example,imagine you’re climbing the Great wall,holding a lamp in your hand ,and cast a glance behind yourself at that time,what a intoxicating scenery it will be! Should you prefer to get even closer, and take the time to really immerse yourself in the China experience, then a hiking tour is for you.


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