Qingdao: A Dream Unwilling to Wake up

On August 26, 2015, in Qingdao, by Kate Liu

On August 4th, by Catherine Liu

Qingdao is the city full of literary and artistic atmosphere. With peaceful sea and sunshine road, you could see historic architecture among lush trees.


As soon as you arrive in Qingdao, you could smell the flavor of sea in the air. If you get here by train, then you may be deeply impressed by the railway station. Something like German? Definitely Yes! This railway station was designed by German, and it has witnessed vicissitudes of this city for more than a century. What’s more interesting is that it still keeps to the old way to check tickets.Certainly, you won’t miss it if you have a ticket.


Not far from the railway station are University Road and Fish Mountain Road, where the hilly landscape makes every villa a perfect sea view building. The charming road is quite and exquisite. When walking on this path, you could see many beautiful villas with yard full of flowers. From time to time, you could find some former residences.


Walking is the best way for tourism in this city. If you walk slowly, you could unintentionally meet an exquisite yard or a tree with sakura, and just enjoy this peaceful journey full of subtle surprise.


What else? Never forget eating! If you want to taste local food, I recommend two places for you. One is Pichaiyuan, the origin of urban culture of Qingdao, now becomes snack street. Another is the famous Taitung night market, which is almost every foreign tourist must go. There is a variety of food stalls, and you could even buy fresh seafood in market and let the food stalls cook for you. That is the most authentic way to eat for Qingdao natives.


In a word, Qingdao is a city suitable for wandering. If time permits, why not stay here for a weak or two, slowly wander in this city and feel its charm?


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