Heilongjiang, Best Summer Resort

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Heilongjiang, Best Summer Resort

Heilongjiang, located in the northeast, is the northernmost province of China. And it is known as the perfect summer resort because it is cool for the 20℃ average temperature in summer and it is rich in water resource. Besides, with 43.6% forest coverage, Heilongjiang has fresh and clean air which is good for health.


Must-see Places

St Sofia Cathedral

St Sofia Cathedral, called “Oriental Moscow”, is a typical Byzantine church. Built in 1907, it stands at 53.35 meters and covers 721 square meters and the striking part is the onion -shaped dome. Inside the church is a museum which shows the history, present and future of Harbin. There are places to provide people with leisure and entertainment in the square, such as pottery bar and dry skating arena.


Sun Island

The Sun Island is situated on the north bank of the Songhua River, Harbin. There are some other scenic spots, such as the Sun Gate, the Squirrel Island, the Russian-style town and the Swan Lake. Visitors can see the squirrels in the Squirrel Island and various swans in the Swan Lake.


Jingpo Lake

Jingpo Lake which lies in the southeast of Heilongjiang is a famous summer and health resort. The tourist destination is composed of three parts: the lake, the primitive forests and the valley. Visitors can enjoy geological wonders including underground forests and lava channels. There are rare volcanic landforms formed by volcanic eruption and rich water resources which is natural beauty. Besides, there are also grand waterfalls and abundant animal and plant resources.


Wudalianchi Geological Park

Located in the north of Heilongjiang province, the total area of Wudalianchi is 1060 square kilometer including farmland, woodland, grassland and wetland. The volcanic cluster is formed by the paroxysmal eruption and it’s well-preserved. Wudalianchi is one of the world’s top three places to produce cold mineral water which has the function of healing. Because of the location and the climate, there are many rare animals and plants.


Best time for travelling

The best time for travelling in Heilongjiang is from July to September. The summer in Heilongjiang has a pleasant climate, the temperature of which is about 20℃. It also has rich water resources and fresh air.


Recommended stay:5 days


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