Harbin Laodaowai: Seek old city complex

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Besides central street, there is a more attractive block which consists of hundreds of buildings in “Chinese Baroque” style. It is called Laodaowai, means “old road outside” in Chinese.Laodaowai is in Harbin. This old city area has witnessed decay and glory of Harbin in almost a hundred years. Walk through it, you could feel the history and humanistic custom.


Delicious food in Laodaowai

There is various traditional local food, typical taste of northern part of China. South Second Street has hundred years old store, such as Zhang Bao shop and fan Jiyong dumplings. North Second Street is famous for grilled meat, there are Li Jia grilled meat store and Zhang Fei grilled meat restaurant- named after a hero in ancient China. If you want to have a try and do not want to wait too long, remember to go early in noon, because it is so popular.

   Today, in , in addition to finding the food here, people go here more to feel the deep feeling of the neighborhood. During Summer night after dinner time, neighbors usually gather at the entrance to the courtyard and chat with each other. That is the feeling of familiarity.


Explore the history of this old city

Laodaowai is the original place of Harbin. A hundred year ago, there were only two areas. The eastern part are Daoli and Nangang, where the foreigners live. While the west is Daowai, where Chinese residents lived.

According to historical record, at the beginning of 20th century, a group of shrewd, capable and courageous national industrial elite took the lead in the South Second Street to run business shop, and to purchase house. When building new houses, Chinese craftsmen followed the western house in Daoli, but built the way in China, finally the buildings had western appearance and Chinese courtyard, with the combination of Chinese and Baroque style.


Slow down to feel the real scene

As the most intact area with historical character in Harbin, Laodaoli has attracted film crew to shoot the drama in the background of the Republic of China. Therefore, when walking through it, slow down to feel the real scene once occurred in films.


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