The Yangtze Gorges Cruise

The best way to visit the Yangtze Gorges may be to take cruise. By cruise your Yangtze Gorges trip becomes much easier and relaxing, especially when traveling with the senior or children who need taking care. On a cruise, you can enjoy the poetic scenery on both sides and imagine what it looked like a thousand years ago,as Many famous ancient Chinese poets had admired in their poems.

Living on cruise ship is much more than comfortable. There are various guest rooms, including skylight star room. What’s your reaction? Sounds cool? Certainly, you could look starry sky with the sound of river flow.


Mulan Great Lake Firefly Night

Do you remember the time playing with fireflies in summer night? Would you regret that time has passed and you are no longer a child? Luckily, you could meet fireflies again in Mulan Great Lake. Until late September, you could see fireflies there every Friday and Saturday night, just like in fairy land.

Since it is in mountain area, remember to bring clothes because it may be a little cold at night. The scene of fireflies flying around is not only romantic but also fantastic. You will cherish and keep in mind the person you spent night with there.


Tips for Wuhan Snacks

Wuhan snacks are so well known that it cannot be said one has been to Wuhan without tasting Wuhan snacks.

There are many snack streets in Wuhan, among which Hubuxiang is most not forget to taste hot-and-dry noodles, which is a must for local people in one day. Usually they eat it as breakfast. What’s more, it’s worth tasting three delicacies wrapped in tofu skin, made of tofu skin, with shrimp, mushroon and pork in it.

Another famous road is Jingwu Road, the birthplace of Jingwu duck neck. It tastes spicy but delicious. Apart from that, you could also have a taste of duck web and duck wing.


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