The Central Avenue is the first walk street in China, which is the major place for fashionable shopping, enjoying music and entertainment in Harbin. It is once called architectural museum with reputation of “mixture of century architectural styles and the essence of art of the world.” These buildings on the Central Avenue imitate the Renaissance style of 15th and 16th century, Baroque style of 17th century and eclecticism of 18th century and art nouveau style of 19th century. In addition, the Central Avenue is made by square granites, each of which is exquisite and looks like a piece of Russian bread.

Saint Sophia Cathedral in Harbin is the most complete and the most Byzantine architecture in China, which is the biggest the Orthodox Eastern Church undergone hundreds of years but still remained standing. It was first built in 1907, 53.35 meter tall, takes up nearly 721 square meter. The most attractive part of the building is the huge dome in the center. It makes the European Harbin a leisure plaza and a unique snow spring, also it represents the best achievement of churches in Harbin. Together with other architectures in European style on the Central Avenue, they constitutes distinctive civil landscape and humanity custom of Harbin.

Volga Manor

The Volga Manor is located Xiangfang District of Harbin, 16 kilometers away Hachenglu, which is next to Arsh lake, Gaozizhen. It is a forest park in Russian style whose floor space is more than 600 thousand square meter. Taking a whole look of the manor, you will find the original landscape of Harbin’s building are everywhere. Among those buildings, Xiaobaihua restaurant is the design product of a famous Russian designer. It takes on the front face when you look them from every direction and it is really distinctive. The Saint Nicola Church was once the landmark of Harbin which sees changes and development in the past 100 years. Bell of the clocks in the manor can recall memories to the Eastern Moscow and it brings with a special feeling toward it.


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