Outdoor Nature in Harbin

On July 16, 2015, in China Travel Gossip, by Kate Liu

Siberian Tiger Park

The Siberian Tiger Park is located to the north bank of Songhua River, next to the Sun Island Park, boosting more than 1000 Siberian tigers of different range of ages, it is the real park of thousands tiger. The park, on the basis of good ecological travel, is attractive to visitors especially in summer and winter. In summer, the park is dynamic, you can find Siberian tigers everywhere in the park. Nowadays, the park consists of pilot area of outdoor reproduction, domestication area, adult tiger area, breeding of adult tiger area, liger area and other 11 scenic spot. Authentic Siberian tigers for enjoy are more than 300, visitors can also enjoy white tiger, snow tiger, white lions ligers and cheetah. Besides the walk district and the platform for watching, visitors should take the bus for sightseeing. All the scenic spots are connected and form a line of sightseeing, which makes sightseeing more relaxing and convenient.

The Five Connective Lakes Scenic Spot

The Five Connective Lakes Scenic Spot is located the north part of Heilong jiang Province and it is in the transitional region between Xiaoxinganling and Songnen plain. The 14 volcanoes inside varies in length and form. There are rare geological wonders, also there is a icy river hiding under the volcanic ranges. The natural mineral spring here gains reputation of “the saint water”. Together with Vichy in France, North Caucasus in Georgia, they are called the three cold mineral springs in the world whose water is good for human’s long life. The mountains here are splendid, stones are strange, the springs are wonderful, holes are distinctive, lakes are beautiful and the forests are fantastic. Scientist call it as the open textbook of volcanoes and the natural geological museum.

There are so many healthcare institutions in the Five Connective Lakes, such as Hei Longjiang healthcare institution for workers, Suihua healthcare institution and Xinganyuan healthcare institution and so on. The healthcare institution for workers began to receive foreign visitors from 1990 and remained a high level service. The unique natural environment provides distinctive features for the healthcare institutions, with comprehensive facilities, all-round service and careful medical care personnel, visitors can enjoy beautiful natural sceneries when they have medical treatment.


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