Tips for climbing Mount Tai

On June 23, 2015, in Shandong, by Kate Liu


Mount Tai, regarded as the best mountain out of the five famous mountains in China. It has its own uniqueness, the sunrise, the mysterious sea of clouds, the exotic and exquisite words engraved on the stones, all of these make Mount Tai very attractive to tourists, and becomes the hottest travel destination in Shangdong province. Here provides you some useful tips for climbing Mount Tai in order to make your travelling easier, safer and more enjoyable.


Best season to climb Mount Tai: Autumn & Spring

If you intend to climb Mount Tai during winter time, you should be prepared for the freezing cold on the top of the mountain, even two down jacket can’t keep your warm against the extreme chillness. Let alone when confronting with snowy days, normally the mountain pass of Mount Tai will be sealed. The summer is too hot to climb mountains. The tempreture of Mount Tai is cheerfully pleasant in Autumn and Spring. Besides, with enough rainfall in Autumn, there’s more chance for you to see the fabulous sea of clouds. You may also see fireflies by luck.

 Mount Tai

Best time to set off

It’s better to set off in the evening if you want to see the splendid view of the sunrise on Mount Tai. You can reach at the foot of the mountain around 9 p.m. to 10 p.m., and get ready to climb. Normally, 6 hours or so are needed to get to the top. And by then, it’s the perfect timing to enjoy the sight of sunrise on Mount Tai.


Prepared thick clothes

The height of Mount Tai is more than 1,500 meters, accordingly, the wind is strong and the temperature is low on the top of it. Nomatter in which season, thick clothes is necessary. If you choose to climb Mount Tai during early spring, late autumn or winter, the chillness is beyond your imagination. Even if in summer, you should bring a thick clothes as well.


Must have: water & food

You’ll sweat a lot while climbing, water is needed to avoid you from dehydration. Besides, climbing mountain causes physical exertion, you should prepare some food to eat for replenishing your energy. Bring fruits is the best choice!


Make sure you have a flashlight

There’s no lamps or lights in the mountain except places near the temples. Due to the rough roads on the mountain, the flashlight can protect your own safe.

Avoiding holidays

Every holiday, Mount Tai is crowded with millions of tourists, you barely see any view on the mountain. Also, it’s cost you more to buy tickets.


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