What’s the Best Time to Travel Shandong?

Jinan: Jinan is famous for the springs. The springs are mostly active and vibrant in summer and autumn. So the best time to travel this city is from September to October. The climate is agreeable in this period and the mountains, springs, lakes and rivers can give you a harmoniously beautiful scenery, which is unique in northen China.


Qingdao: The best time to travel Qingdao is in summer, when the sea water is warm but the sunshine is not excessively strong. There are also various festivals here in summer, such as the famous Qingdao Beer Festival and fashion festival. What’s more, summer is just the right time to have the tasty and fat seafood in this coast city.


Zibo: Zibo is suitable for traveling at any time except in winter. There are numerous festivals and customs all year round. The tourists can participate in the celebration when traveling.


Zaozhuang: Zaozhuang has distinctive seasons during the year. Every season shows different sceneries and styles of this city. It’s espectially recommended to travel here from March to May and from September to October, when there isn’t much rain. In spring, the pear flower is worth having a look.


Dongying: Autumn is the best time to travel the coast city Dongying, where the yellow river flows into sea. Without burning heat in summer or fierce cold in winter, you can really enjoy yourself in this season. What’s more, some thick mist might appear in late autumn and winter, which would threaten the traffic.


Yantai: Yantai has its peek tourist season in summer, when the hotels might be not easy to check in. It is recommended that you book the hotel at least one week in advance in case it might disturb your tourist plan.


Weifang: The best tourist time in Weifeng is from April to May. The annual Weifang International Kate Festival takes place in middle or late April. At that time, colourful traditional folk activities will be hold on after another, such as kate-flying competition, traditional festive latern exhibition, fireworks and so on. The whole Weifang will turn into a sea of kates.


Jining: The best time to travel Jining is in summer and autumn. During this period, there is agreeable humidity and temperature, as well as lush vegetation. No matter to climb the Liangshan Mountain or to appreciate the springs in Sishui River, this is the perfect season. What’s more, the Confucius Culture Festival is hold in autumn, which would add to the enjoyment of the tourists.


Taian: From April to November, climbing Taishan Mountain will always be enjoyable in Taian. May is the golden time for mountain climbing and sunrise watching in the morning. The summer here is suffused with rain, when you can have a chance to see the sunset glow and sea of clouds after rain. It’s usually sunny in autumn, and the mountain is most colourful at this time.


Weihai: There isn’t severe cold or intense heat in Weihai, making it a perfect tourist destination. The climate in summer is most agreeable. A lot of people come here to bathe in the sea from mid July to mid September. Weihai is also a good place to appreciate swans in winter.


Rizhao: The pear flowers flourish in April, when there is festivals and programmes. In April and May, people gather seafood on the beach when the tide is ebbing. You can come at this time and enjoy this activity. From July to October, the climate along the coast is agreeable so that people come here to avoid summer heat. Also, this is the time to enjoy delicious seafood.


Laiwu: Laiwu is dry and windy in spring and cold in winter. The rain mainly comes in summer and autumn, giving the city lush vegetation and agreeable environment. The city is called “natural air anion bar” and “green heaven” at that time.


Linyi: Linyi has a continental climate, which means its four season is distinctive. The best tourist season is in autumn, when it’s moderately cool.


Dezhou: The best time to travel Dezhou is in autumn when it’s usually cool and sunny. However, Dezhou has abundant solar and water resources, so that even thought it’s kind of hot in summer, it’s also a fairly good time for traveling.


Liaocheng: March to May and September to November are good times to travel Liaocheng. Because in spring and autumn, there isn’t much rain; the temperature is moderate; and the natural scenery is beautiful and graceful.


Binzhou: Summer and autumn are perfect seasons to travel Binzhou. In summer, it rains a lot, giving the city an abundant vegetation. It’s especially suitable to travel some scenic spots like forest park. During September and October, the fruit is ripe and seafood is fat. You can enjoy delicious food here at the same time of enjoying the beautiful scenery.


Heze: From March to May and from September to November are most suitable times to travel the city of Heze. In spring, you can travel the various scenic spots and historical sites and most importantly, participate in Heze International Peony Festival. In autumn, the sky is blue and there is seldom clouds, making it a perfect time for hiking.


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