Taierzhuang is a place with both history and natural scenes.

If you like to see natural scenes, you can go to weishan lake.

Weishan Lake, is the largest fresh water lake in northern china. With many water lilies and lotus in with lake, every summer the weishan lake will attract large amount of visitors from all over the country. It is the best place for you to take photos, to draw portrays, or to breathe the fresh air with lotus fragrance. But in summer when the flowers blossom, it is just the hottest spell of the year. So the weather is not that cool.

Taierzhuang, an old battle field in the anti-Japanese war, is sitting beside the ancient The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. The old canal, only for visiting now, has found its new life. The night scene is quite nice with light tinkles in the river.

Li zhongren records office, built on the old site of taierzhuang train station, is also one of the travelling spot in zaozhuang. General li zongren, once fighted fiercely in the taierzhuang battle together with Chinese communism party army, winning the battle at last. The records office collect about 200 pictures of general li, 1000 pieces of history records and so on. Li zhongren records office is one of the important imponent of taierzhuang battle relics museum, and also an educational base for patriotism. Except the records office, if you are interesting at history, you can also visit the taierzhuang battle relics museum.

Taierzhuang is a place with both history and natural scenes.


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