Shandong, Heaven of Wheaten Food

Since Shandong is a province in north China, the wheaten food is regarded as staple food there. In the restaurant of both cities and towns in Shandong, after appreciating the dishes for a while, the waiter will come to the table and ask “what do you need for staple food? Rice? Noodles? Or silver thread roll (a kind of food made by pulling the flour into thin thread, making the thread into rolls, streaming and then frying)? Among the three kinds of food, two are made of wheat.

In fact, the wheaten food in Shandong has far more than two kinds. Around the province, there are wheaten foods with characteristic flavors in every area, such as Shandong pancake, Shandong steamed big pun, Gangzitou baked wheaten cake and so on.


Love for Shandong Pancake

In Shandong, cake is a kind of staple food that can never be ignored. Usually, people put vegetable or meat on the cake and wrap it up. The taste is also exceptionally delicious. For example, in Jinan, where the restaurants usually serve tender mutton, people like to wrap mutton into the cake and eat them together. In Weifang, people like to eat cake with the vegetable, meat, and tripe in the hot pot. And anywhere you go in Shandong, you will always find popular food that is suitable to eat with cake. In Zibo, there is a kind of vegetable pancake with a unique local characteristic. So as you can see, cake is extremely important in Shandong cuisine. The most famous food among the various cakes should be Taishan Pancake that is sold in the regular market on the top of Mount Tai.

There, you can see young ladies in red clothes using a small stick shaped like “T”, smearing the corn flour on the pan. Very quickly, a pancake is made thinly and perfectly with appetizing burnt yellow. The mouth-feel is also perfect, satisfying the tourists coming only for high quality. What’s more, the pancake provides balanced diet, making it a really healthy and popular food.

Besides Taishan pancake at the mountain top, Taian pancake at the foot of Mount Tai is also tasty. In the past, the first thing a man care about a woman when choosing their wife was whether she can cook thin pancake. This is also the most important thing for women to marry a good guy. Taian People eat pancake for their breakfast, smearing some sauce, wrapping inside some Chinese onion, adding some tofu, vegetable and so on, really delicious.


Have a Taste of Weifang Gangzitou Baked Wheaten Cake

In Weifang, you can try a kind of baked cake named “Gangzitou.” The cake is shaped round, a little bigger than your palm with an average weight of 250 grams. The middle bulges while the rim is carved like track. The outside of the baked wheaten cake is hard and brittle and the inside soft and tender. The more you chew, the more you feel it fragrant. As a result, people that are fond of the original flavor of baked wheaten cake can go to Weifang and have a taste of this simple but memorable relish.


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