Qingdao badaguan

On May 8, 2015, in Parks & Gardens, Qingdao, by Kate Liu

Badaguan, is a scenery consisting of 8 street that were named after the eight great military fortifications of ancient times. With various architecture styles from more than 20 countries, such as Russia, the great Briton, France and so on, badaguan is known as the “Architecture Expo”. Inside the region, the princess mansion and the marble mansion are the most famous ones.

Except for the exotic style architectures, badaguan combines the park with traditional Chinese landscape gardens creating romance on each road. Trees and flowers are alone the sidewalks, so the streets are also called “the street of flowers”. Shaoguan road is filled with pink peach flowers in spring; zhengyangguan road is crape myrtle in summer. Different seasons are painted by different colors, attracting lots of couples dating here.

The romantic place now was one of the hottest spot for new couples and photographers. If you would like to enjoy a quiet and romantic day in Qingdao, badaguan is the best option.

Besides badaguan, St Michael’s Cathedra is also a nice place to visit. Based on the roman style and gothic style, the cathedra was designed by a Germany designer. As a masterpiece of Christianity, the cathedra is located at the end of a road. You can also enjoy your afternoon time in the coffee bar near to the cathedra.



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