Penglai, Where the Immortals Live

This is the Olympus in China. Penglai, Yantai, Shandong province is the place where the eight immortals cross the ocean in ancient Chinese myth. Penglai doesn’t enjoy this reputation for no reason. Located on north end of Shandong peninsula, this is city is usually in mysterious mist and its wonder of mirage is well known around the world. So why not come here and have a good time like in the wonderland of immortals.

The best recommended scenic spot is Penglai Pavilion, which is one of the four great towers of China. The pavilion is situated on the cape where you can have a splendid vision of the blue sea and feel the touch of the gentle sea wind. Penglai Pavilion, together with various other temples and towers, constitute a magnificent architecture group. The buildings date back to Song Dynasty and preserve up to now by constant repair. There are also museums, mountains, seas and other buildings in the neighbourhood, making the whole area a perfect holiday destination.

Besides Penglai Pavilion, there is Penglai Water City (harbour and coast defense equipment), Sanxianshan Mountain (three gods mountain), Chateau Junding and many other historical sites and scenic spots worth visit.

What’s more, Shandong cuisine is the top of the four major Chinese cuisines. Eating in Penglai will of course gives you great pleasure. Penglai noodles is a must-have dish in the list of Shangdong delicious food. This dish is Penglai people’s favourite breakfast. You can have it in nearly all the local restaurant. The newly-made noodles, together with rich oyster soup and a tea egg, will make you totally into it. If you want to enjoy a typical Shangdong style dinner, “the eight immortals feast” is waiting for your taste. This feast consists for eight assorted cold dishes, eight hot dishes and a hot soup. The eight assorted cold dishes are made from the model of the treasures of the eight immortals, making it not only delicious, but meaningful.

Maybe you can never be immortal, but you can enjoy a life like an immortal. Come to Penglai. This is the nearest place to wonderland.


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