Jinan, City of Spring

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Jinan, City of Spring

It is said that there are hundred springs in Jinan, and among them, 72 are famous around the world. A lot of ancient poets left famous poems about springs in this city, describing their music, colour, shape, rhythm, sweetness and so on. So it is never too much to call this city the City of Spring. If you are a fan of the varying and amazing water, here is the right place!

The most frequented place in Jinan is called Baotu Spring (Sprouting Spring). The Baotu Spring enjoys a reputation as “the finest spring under heaven.” The water pours out constantly and vividly from three separated mouths. The sound of the spring resembles thunder. The temperature of the spring is forever 18 centigrade. Thus, the lake will be covered by thick mist, making it mysterious and romantic in winter, like a fairyland. Baotu Spring Park is a characteristic garden based on the spring. There are ancient building groups dating back to Qing Dynasty. On the walls of the building, there still exist words written by ancient emperors and poets. In this garden, you can have a panoroma of traditional Chinese building, even culture, besides the famous spring.

Another most famous spring is Heihu Spring (Black Tiger Spring). The water comes from deep cave and sprouts out from the mouths of three stone tiger head, the water roaring. It got the name of Heihu (Black Tiger) Spring because the north wind blows into the cave and the sound reverbrates in it like the roar of tiger. There are other famous springs in the neighbourhood of the Heihu Spring, forming a spring group.

With so many famous springs, Jinan also has the largest spring lake in China. Daming Lake, one of three most famous scenic spots in Jinan, is a natural spring lake formed by various springs’ converging. The water comes in from south and goes out by north when it’s full. The bottom of the lake is made up of water-proof granite. As a result, the lake maintains a stable water level all year round. The lake has a picturesque natural scenery, with six big and small beautiful islands on it.

For more information, you can check the register of the 72 famous springs or simply go there to have a look and listen to its gingling at the spot. You won’t be disappointed.


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