Daming Lake, Much More Than a Lake

Daming Lake is among the three most famous scenic spots in Jinan. It’s a rare natural lake in the very center of the bustling city. The lake enjoys a reputation as “the pearl of the spring city.” Daming Lake is located in the northeast-center of Jinan, and in the north of the old city. Its reputation of beautiful scenery has been known to people as early as in Tang Dynasty. There are four strange things about Daming Lake: snacks don’t appear, frogs don’t croak, the lake won’t flood after intense rain and won’t dry up after severe drought. Jinan is known as “Spring City”, with more than hundred springs, among which 72 are famous. Daming Lake is a natural lake formed by springs’ converging. The spring water comes in from south and comes out by north when it’s full. Because the bottom of the lake is made up of watertight volcanic rock, the lake can remain a relatively stable water level all year round.

The Park of Daming Lake covers 86 hectares, including 46 hectares lake. There are six big and small islands on the lake such as Lixia Pavilion, Huiquan Hall and Mid-lake Island. The natural landscape is extremely pleasant, beautiful and enjoyable. The lake water is glistening, the fish are jumping out of the surface, the boats are threading through the lotus. Daming Lake is always covered by lotus in the summer. And on the coast, there are lush willows and flowers. A ancient Chinese poem describes the lake as “the willow occupies three sides of the lake full of lotus, while the lake occupies half the city with mountain.”

The lake and even the whole park of the lake have a long history with brilliant culture. A lot of scholars, poets and writers came here and left numerous lines of beautiful poems and sentences. The park is also full of famous and interesting stories and anecdotes. There is even a famous TV series line that goes as “Your Majesty, can you remember Xia Yuhe by the Daming Lake?” It is known to a whole generation that spent their youth time watching this well-known TV series “Princess Pearl.”

Strange things, fairy tales, legends, historical sites, inscriptions… there are a lot more than the lake that you can find here. How about set off and find your own Daming Lake.


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