Impression of Jinan

Jinan boasted with profound cultural deposits,it has the reputation for being a city with the most springs.Travelling here can make you feel as comfortable as home. Many famous Chinese writers, such as Laoshe, has praised this city with their poems or essay.


Stepping in Jinan

Located to the South of Yellow River, seated right next to Daming Lake. Jinan is famous for its breathtaking natural landscape and regarded as the City of Spring. Boasted with a history of more than 2,700 years, Jinan is known as the birthplace of the ancient Dragon Mountain prehistorical civilization, which symbolized the significant origin of Chinese culture. There lies more than 70 locations of spring in the city of Jinan. The Daming Lake forms at the confluence of these 70 or so springs, surrounded by Qianfo mountain, Wufeng mountain and Yun mountain. All of these give Jinan an unique view that perfectly combines the beauty of lake and mountains.


Best time for travelling

The best time for travelling in Jinan is from September to October, right after the rainy season. Many visitors travel to Jinan hoping to witness the splendid scene of the bumping springs. Thanks to the complementary supply of the intensive rainfall in July and August, the underground water level of Jinan rising distinctively, making Jinan’s Autumn the best season to watch springs. Meanwhile, when Autumn arrived, the maple leaves turn red, glorifying the city to the best. You can enjoy the view of red maple leaves in the Red Leaves Valley.


Recommended stay2 days



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