Brief Introduction of Mount Tai

Mount Tai, located in the east of mainland of China, together with spiritual culture of thousands of years and human landscape, it gains a reputation of the No.1 of the five great mountains. Just like climbing the Great Wall in Beijing, Mount Tai is an attractive scenic spot to tourists. It can be seen as the epitome of spiritual culture of Chinese nationality and it becomes one of the most valuable cultural and tourist heritages among the whole world. The most unique and attractive character of Mount Tai is that it is the only mountain where emperors once offered sacrifices to the heaven in the old time. At the same time, it is also the cradle of Buddhism and Taoist in China. Emperors of different dynasties all came here for worship.


Routes of Climbing Mount Tai

  1. Hongmen Line: It is the most classic route of climbing the mountain and it is the royal route for emperors for climbing so it is suitable for walking.
  2. Tianwaicun Line: It starts from the place of Tianmenwai. Visitors who start their trips can get to Zhongtianmen by bus.
  3. Tianzhufeng Line: Landscape of this line is beautiful and a little strange. It is one of the most original routes.
  4. Taohuayu Line: It is graceful and the peach blossoms in summer are especially beautiful. Visitors can walk along the creek to get to the top of mountain. However, it is more suitable for riding bikes.


Special Recommendations

  1. Climbing Mount Tai at night

People who choose to climb the mountain at night aim to have a look of the sunrise, confronting decreasing temperature and the flashlights are in demand during this process. They also want to convey this great mountain. Nevertheless, there are so many people climbing the mountain at night and it is a kind of pleasure when you make acquaintance of others when you climb the mountain together.

  1. Walking in the back mountain

The black mountain is the heaven of travelers who are brave and ambitious. For example, the east region of Hongmen Road is the oldest road of the east road of Mount Tai. If you are energetic and strong, you can ask experienced traveler to help you and lead the road. Just be careful of your safety.

  1. The spring of Mount Tai gives birth to Three Beauty of the mountain

Three Beauties of Mount Tai are cabbage, tofu and water. The spring is renowned especially that in the Tianzhu Peak at the North Mount, from which the spring flow and water in the spring tastes sweet. On your ways towards the top, you can see some of fresh creeks and people who are carrying bottles of water.




  1. Enjoy sunrise at the top of mountain, appreciate rime and the sea of clouds

There are three kinds of marvelous spectacles of Mount Tai, enjoying sunrise at the top of mountain, appreciating rime and the sea of clouds. Lots of people climb the mountain at night in order to enjoy sunrise. Of course, there are plenty people come here for rime or sea of clouds. The best place for enjoying sunrise is Gongbeishi at the top of mountain, which is one of the singles of Mount Tai. If the weather is good, visitors can have a view of the wonderful scenery of sea of clouds.

  1. Strong wills can conquer the Shibapan at Mount Tai

Shibapan is the most dangerous part of the road at Mount Tai and it is also the most exciting one. It has totally more than 1600 stone stairs with steep cliffs on both the two sides. Looking from a far-away place, you feel that it looks like a stair towards the clouds in the sky. When you finish your trip of Shibapan, then you will arrive at Nantianmen.

  1. Each of the stone inscription has its own history

On the way towards front mount of Mount Tai, there are all kinds of stone inscription with long-time culture, on which poets and scholars, relatives of the royal family and statesmen have written on the stone. The most legendary is the stele without inscription at Yuhuang Temple on the top of Yuhuangding. One of the most attractive scenic spot is the unique stele of the great five mountains on the highest top of Mount Tai. Almost every visitor comes here to take a photo with it in order to memorize.

  1. Dai Temple is another attraction of Mount Tai

Dai Temple is the biggest and the most complete ancient architecture complexes, which is the sacred mansion of Taoist and it is the place where emperors in the ancient times offer sacrifices to the heaven and hold ceremonies for the dead. Taihe Palace in the Forbidden City in Beijing, Dacheng Palace at the Confucian Temple in Qufu and the Tianzhu Palace at Mount Tai, they are  three great palaces in the oriental.


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