Laoshan Mountain

Laoshan Mountain (in Shandong Province), once was named as AoShan Mountain and other different names. Different historic records had different notes about it. Like the native old saying, “Though clouds in Mount Tai are high in the sky, they cannot compare with those in Laoshan Mountain in the East”. It is said that the first emperor of Qin, emperor Wu of Han once came here to pursue the immortal, and Qiu Changchun and Zhang Sanfeng once cultivated themselves according to a religious doctrine in Laoshan Mountain. Mountains connect with the seas, with bright mounts and shining seas, these are just the distinctive sceneries in Laoshan Mountain. Among renowned mountains nationwide, only Laoshan Mountain is near to seaside. When you are wandering alongside the green stone road in Laoshan Mountain, you can feel spiritual and broad-minded, since on the right side, blue seas seem to link the sky with terrifying sprays and waves while on the left side, there are green pine trees and strange stones.

Laoshan Mountain mainly includes the great peak where you can watch the sun rise, Liuqing, Taiqing which are the most famous Taoist Temples in Laoshan mountain, stone of chessboard which is featured by Buddhism, Yangkou which is the best seaside to visit in summer, Beijiushui, which is a landscape of valley combined with mountains and water and the most beautiful season is summer with affluent rainfall, Hualou and other tourist areas. Among these scenic spots, Liuqing, Taiqing, stone of chessboard and Yangkou are in the same tourist line.



Catholic Church in Qingdao

Catholic Church in Qingdao is a masterpiece of Christianity, which is designed by a German designer. The designer made a blueprint of this architecture according to Gothic and Roman architectural style and people are used to call it Catholic Church.

When you walking along the mansion of the governor towards west, you can have a overview of the church under the blue sky. The flat of the church takes on a shape of cross. There are high clock towers standing the two sides of the church in which four huge copper bells are hanging and the bell tone is harmonious. There is a large-scale window decorated by roses on the big gate, also crosses are standing on both sides of the gate. The church is located inside numerous blocks and buildings. Green leaves of trees along the road have a shadow on it but these cannot hide the solemnity and dignity of the church.

New couples and young people always come here for fun. When they get tired, they would like to go to the café near the church and enjoy themselves with tasty drinks in the tranquil afternoons.



Daming Lake

At the end of Qushuiting Street, there is renowned Daming Lake. The landscape of Daming Lake is just like the words and sentences in the poets. It looks like West Lake in some ways.

Daming Lake is surrounded by various historical sites. The water source of the lake comes from Pearl Spring, Sprouting Spring, Wulong Spring and Zhuoying Spring and other famous springs. It is the influx of all springs. The water is clean and there is always shadow in the water so it gains a reputation of “The Pearl of the Spring City”. Clean water, green trees alongside the bank andpot shining sun, all of these makes the lake fantastic and beautiful. Weeping willows distributed along the banks, fragrant louts in the center of the lake, more than 20 historical sites in the green shadow of the trees and flowers, on the clean and quiet lake, there are boats travelling, making microwaves spread in the lake. Visitors can have a overview of the lake on a boat tour and it is an interesting and romantic experience.



Wusi Square in Qingdao

Wusi Square in Qingdao whose center part is the Wind of May, extends towards west, with romantic music square in European style and extends to the Olympic field of sailing in the east. Similar seaside sceneries and different style of landscape mix up on the coastline of Huiquanwan and Zhanqiao scenic spot. Sceneries here are more fashionable and make Qingdao look modern. CBD of Qingdao, where the price of land is the highest, is situated near the square and it stands next to the handrail on the seaside. Looking back to the city featured by economy and modernity, you will find its differences and its characteristics. Also, Qingdao has its own kindness and boldness.



Huashi Villa

It is said that Huashi villa is designed and built by a designer from the Republic of Belarus in 1932. Combined with many Western decoration styles, absorbing Greek, Roman and Gothic decoration features, Huashi Villa is only decorated in a simple way with granite on the outside wall, which makes the building attractive and interesting. Huashi Villa has totally five floors, the top one is called sea sightseeing station with iron pinnacle. The front face of this building is combined with round and polygons which are distributed in a ragged order. The granite stone at the foot of the stairs can be used to plant flowers and it can also be used to make fireworks at night. The designer must attach much attention to its design.



Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center

Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center is located to the east of Qingdao and it is situated at the former location of Beihai boat factory. It is near to Wusi square and Donghai Road. The necessary facilities for sailing contests of the 29th Olympic Games and the 13rd Paralympic Games are still in the field. We can imagine how the contests are competitive. Qingdao gains another name—-the capital of sailing boats in China because of the contests of sailing boats during the Olympic Games. There are two huge imaging architectures inside the field, one is the big sculpture of the Olympic torch with auspicious clouds and the other is the sculpture of a sailing boat in front of the field. You can see the five-star flag is waving in the blue sky which makes it splendid. You can have a look of the facilities for contests, take a boat tour to have a overview of Qingdao and enjoy yourselves in the bars near to the field. The most beautiful and attractive must be the night, with bright lights, it is glamorous and mysterious in the dark night.



The Golden Beach in Qingdao

The Golden Beach in Qingdao is located in the southeast of the development zone, near to Huanghai, in a shape of crescent, it extends from the east to the west. The total length of it is about 3500 meters and its width is about 300 meters. The water is clean and the beach is flat. Mind wind, quiet waves, transparent water and yellow exquisite sands, all of these make it unique and rare. With the most beautiful seaside of Qindao, the golden beach is in the east of mountains. The open mouth of the mountain makes waves from the sea move towards the seaside which makes the long seaside extremely splendid. Visitors who come here must have a taste of seafood after taking surfing in the sea. Trepang, abalone and crab are the three treasures of golden beach and all of these is full of nutrition and taste delicious. It is said that people can live a long life after eating them. Whether this saying is true needs appraising, however, it is true that the residents near the golden beach live a long life. You will find people whose age is more than 80 everywhere who are strong and fit.


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