Yantai, lying at the northeast tip of Shandong peninsula, is a beautiful coastal city. Surrounded by mountains and seas, Yantai is endowed with splendid natural landscapes, a variety of resources and hospitable climate. It has long been renowned all over the world as “Gold Coast”,”Fairyland on the Earth” ,and most importantly, “the most charming city of China”.


Do you want to have a mysterious trip in a “magical world”, both romantic and excited? Known as the “Fairyland on the earth”, penglai is worth you having an adventure! The first destination of your “romantic trip” is “Three fairy islands”. Many ancient books recorded that there were supernatural mountains in the sea to the east of China. These three mountains were called as Penglai, Fangzhang and Yingzhou. They were all inhabited by immortals. So many noted figures came here to seek immortality and visited the extreme wonderful scenery. Emperor Wudi of Han Dynasty ,especially, came here several times wildly. Of course, he found nothing in the end but it gave the island a historical sense. Another legendary place is the Penglai Pavilion. It is said that the eight immortals got drunk at Penglai Pavilion and crossed the sea with different tricks without ship or boats. The legend is so popular in China that it becomes a common saying “like the Eight Immortals crossing the sea, each one shows his special feats”.


If you are fortunate enough, you’ll have the great chance to appreciate the peculiar mirage. Seeming like in a fairyland, beautiful landscape appears in the sky above sea.


How can a romantic trip lacks the good wine? Yantai is also the cradle of wine production in China, housing the largest wine production base in Asia. With its high quality and more than 100-year of history, Zhangyu Red Wine from Yantai is a widely known brand in the world. In 1987, the International Grape and Wine Bureau dubbed Yantai the “International Grape Wine City”. Tasting the special aroma of the famous grape wine yourself, with visiting the beautiful and historical winery buildings, you’re certainly enjoy a romantic encounter here!


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