Hangzhou botanical garden

On October 15, 2014, in Hangzhou, by Kate Liu

In this busy world, people are stuck in the routine activities and they often forget how beautiful the world is. Hangzhou Botanical Garden is one of the places with natural beauty where you can refresh your mind from the overloaded work and just relax and feel the breeze of fresh air blowing while enjoying the perching birds chirping.


The size of the park itself is really huge (around 230 hectares) but you will not believe how far your legs have walked until the end because your eyes are so busy getting entertained and pleasured by the majestic scenery of the park. The park is the combination of a variety of different kinds of plants with various colors neatly arranged to feast your eyes. The scents of the fresh and lovely flowers are authentic. You can also find some enchanting piece of arts such as statues and artistic architectures decorating the entire garden. The lake is extremely clean which allows you to see until the very bottom of the lake. The water is so calm that even a slight ripple caused by the wind could be noticed.


Besides a tourist venue, Hangzhou Botanical Garden also serves as a research field where the cultivation and vegetation of plants are being studied. The garden appears wonderful in every season, but it is highly recommended to go during the spring as the flowers begin to bloom and the green leaves start to flourish.


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