Song Dynasty Town

On February 26, 2014, in Hangzhou, by Kate Liu

Song Dynasty Town, a beautiful place; Song Dynasty Town, a song culture places; Song Dynasty Town, a show of song of eternal love. Beautiful scenery, a window of a door, one one showed Chinese Ancient Song Dynasty style. Here not only has the dignity and power of the Imperial City, and the downtown and the charm of the city, which is the largest theme park China tours of Song Dynasty.


Song Dynasty Town is a very famous scenic spot in Hangzhou. Today, I am very lucky, came the long-awaited Song Dynasty Town, in the garden, enjoying the unique charm of the culture of Song dynasty.


Into the garden, the first sight is appealing the ancient architecture. Song Jie, the common name in the first moment I jumped into the eye. In this street, a kinsman of the emperor and commom people, all wearing the clothes of song dynasty.


What is the good stuff before? How so many people? I’m curious flew past, squeezed into the crowd, wow! Is the puppet show! I One’s pupils do not turn. watching, puppet manipulation in the old grandfather, behave like a real person, very interesting! In this street, often surrounded by a bunch of people, because there are a lot of theatrical performance. For example: the puppet, shadow play, singing, drama, music, books, have everything that one expects to find, rich and colorful, but also attracted many visitors.


Enjoy the play, feel tired, I suggest you at the garden before, must go to watch a Songcheng dance party.



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