Is transit time for dozens of hours harrowing and annoying for you? Do you aspire to a carefree tour for a short term? Now, this can come true if you remain inBeijingfor no more than 72 hours while in transit. The 72-hour visa-free transit policy ofBeijingwill offer you a great opportunity to enjoy both visual and gustatory pleasure in this capital city.

Since January 1st 2013 visitors who hold a passport issued by any of the 45 countries eligible for Beijing’s 72-hour visa-free transit policy that will remain in Beijing for no more than 72 hours while in transit can apply for 72-hours visa free transit stay in Beijing. If you fulfill all the necessary requirements for a visa-free transit stay inBeijing, you can check by clicking here and read everything you need to know about this new policy.


The visual and gustatory tour destination



72 hours which seem long for a transit but passing for a journey, how to make it perfect? If you are a nature lover, a visit to Nanluoguxiang will, no doubt, arouse your excessive passion and curiosity as it has the perfect combination of cultural and natural relics. As for a food lover, cuisines in Nanluoguxiang should be your first option to satisfy both your visual and gustatory needs. So, within those 72 hours, at any time, you must be stunned by every fantasy that Nanluoguxiang creates.

Nanluoguxiang is known as one of the best preserved historical sites in Beijing. Built in 1267, it has become a landmark in this area. Since ancient times, high officials and noble lords preferred to settle here and their mansions were scattered around 8 hutongs on both east and west side of Nanluoguxiang, the main alley. For example, the former residence of Qi Baishi (Chinese painting master) in Yu Er Hutong and Mao Dun’s( Modernistic famous writer ofChina) house in Houyuan’ensi Hutong deserve visiting. Besides being the cluster of historic homes of different styles, Nanluoguxiang is now appealing various fashion pioneers. Many shops and bars with traditional Chinese and modern Western characteristics are opened here.


Dining from morning to evening

When walking around this old alley, the short-term trip without cuisines would be dull and boring. Why not buy a cup of yogurt or a bag of snack from eateries scattering along the alley? Foods provided here are so various that 72 hours will not be enough time. Only in Nanluoguxiang, it is possible to eat from morning to night. The gourmet trip could start from a traditional breakfast ofBeijingand end up with a barbecue in a pokey alley.

Eateries recommendations:


Yaoji Chaogan

The first stop of this gourmet trip is Yaoji Chaogan,a Chinese restaurant with a time-honored brand. Yaoji Chaogan is famous for its dainty snacks of morning with old Pecking style, like Chaogan(fried liver),steamed bun with meat stuffing and braised foods. So come and sit with old Beijingers to have a rich and tasty breakfast.

PriceAround ¥22 per person

Address: No.311 Gulou East Road, Dongcheng District (东城区鼓楼东大街311)

Tel: 010-84010570 or 4008110057


Huguosi Snacks Restaurant

Dessert lovers can choose to have your breakfasts at Huguosi Snacks Restaurant, which is known for its well made desserts with various stuffings. For example, pea cake (Wandouhuang), seasoned millet mush (Miancha) and baked sweeten wheaten cake (Tanghuoshao) are appreciated by many people, especially by oldBeijingpeople.

PriceAround ¥15 per person

Address: No.180 Di’anmenwai Road, Xicheng District (西城区地安门外大街180)

Tel: 010-64042946



Wenyu Nailao

When walking through Nanluoguxiang, Wenyu Nailao should not be missed. This eatery is greatly welcome by customers due to its milk and yogurt style snacks like Nailao and Shuangpinai with different ingredients. Buy one and make you enjoy a romantic trip with the magnificent creaminess of snacks of Wenyu Nailao.

PriceAround ¥14 per person

Address: No.49 Nanluoguxiang, Dongcheng District (东城区南锣鼓巷49)


Xishi Toufu Pudding

Xishi Toufu Pudding is also a good choice to have some desserts. The eatery mainly sells tofu budding products. It offers tofu buddings with distinctive tastes, spicy and sweet, and various ingredients like sweet beans, fruits and honey are included.

PriceAround ¥12 per person

Address: Nanluoguxiang, Xicheng District (西城区南锣鼓巷)

Tel: 18611755576




Having lunch at Nanluoguxiang would provide you a deep insight into the life of Beijingers. Taste(Zamo), as the largest restaurant in this alley appeals a large amount of clients with its creative dishes,a mixture of Chinese and western food. Gongbaojiding (spicy diced chicken with peanuts) and roast duck are the best known Chinese dishes in the world. Here, the chef could offer you brand new dishes which cannot be enjoyed anywhere else except Taste (Zamora). Spicy Diced Chicken with Peanuts pizza and Beijing Roast Duck pizza are highly recommended.

PriceAround ¥70 per person

Address: No.106 Nanluoguxiang, Dongcheng District (东城区南锣鼓巷106号院)

Tel: 010-64017029 or 64019708



Besides, local cuisines ofChinaare worth trying. Wamao is a restaurant that embodies some culture of Dai group, one of minority groups inChina. Wamao literally means clay cat, which is considered to be a mascot inYunnanprovince. The typical food provided in Wamao isYunnanhotpot. Different from general hotpot, Wamao hotpot should be eaten from vegetables then to meat so that the meat would be more tasty and tender. So come and enjoy the ethnic culture with Wamao.

PriceAround ¥74 per person

Address: No.125 Gulou East Road, Xicheng District (西城区鼓楼东大街125)

Tel: 010-64064398




In afternoon, nothing is more relaxing than sitting in a cafe and enjoying a cake with a cup of coffee. In Nanluoguxiang, cafes with different characteristics can be seen everywhere. Among them, Zhishimi is the most recommended. Cheeses offered here are with flavors of many kinds. Cheese with durian flavor must be special for you.

PriceAround ¥38 per person

Address: No.69 Xiao Ju’er Hutong, Nanluoguxiang, Dongcheng District(东城区南锣鼓巷小菊儿胡同69)

Tel: 010-64053523 or 13661161717




For Beijingers, having a barbecue at night is their most favorite way to spend their night life. Outdoor barbecue is very common inBeijing. However, escaping into a shadowy lane to enjoy a barbecue must be unfamiliar to you. Guiwei(ghost flavor) is a perfect place to have this kind of special experience. Besides its exceptional location, foods here are also exotic. Roasted wing with mustard sauce, roasted wing of “ghost” flavor and roasted marshmallow are its specialty.

PriceAround ¥46 per person

Address:N0.20 Heizhima Hutong, Nanluoguxiang, Dongcheng district (东城区交道口南锣鼓巷黑芝麻胡同20)

Tel: 010-64075931


By taking the short-term trip recommended on, we believe that a transit in Beijing, no matter short or long, would turn out to be meaningful and full of surprises. Come toBeijingand enjoy your 72-hour visa-free transit stay. Check now all Beijing-Tours available on

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