If you happen to transit in Beijing in autumn,then congratulations!You can not only enjoy the 72 hours visa-free, but also a lot of beautiful scenery that only exist in the autumn in Beijing. There is a famous Chinese writer Lao She who said, in autumn you have to live in Peiping,Autumn in Peiping and nothing make you unsatisfied. Actually Autumn is the best time to have a visit in Beijing since the temperature is not too high or too cold.

 It is necessary to go to the Palace Museum, the Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven,on condition that you come to Beijing for the first time. In addition to these well known landmark attractions , there are some scenery you can only experience in fall. They are the background of the autumn. Maybe you can feel the mysterious ancient city deeply through the view in autumn.

 Here are some good destinations for autumn in Beijing:

 Fragrant Hills Park

Fragrant Hills Park has the best red maples in Beijing. When autumn arrives, the hill is covered by flaming autumn leaves. The leaves all over the hill turn yellow or red, while some others remain green, tier upon tier, like a colorful painting. Every year, thousands of tourists come to it in order to see the red smoke tree leaves over the mountains which is the most spectacular natural scenery. In addition the cable cars are a great way to take in the beautiful scenes.

Fragrant Hill is one of the most famous places in China to see the red leaves. Red Leaves Festival is held every Mid-October to early November. That is the busiest time of it. Travelers had better go there in week days to avoid great number of visitors in the weekends.

 Beijing Diaoyutai Gingko boulevard

Diaoyutai gingko boulevard is a famous beauty in Beijing. Personally, it is a spectacular and beautiful scene ,in the late autumn, the golden ginkgo leaves fall to the ground quietly ,and you can just forget all about your bothering , just enjoy the beauty of this moment! In late October is the best time to go to this place, however the precious time is so short that you should come here early to grasp the amazing moment.So, if you intend to see the beautiful autumn scenery, do not waste your time!

 The Mutianyu Great Wall

The Mutianyu Great Wall is quite famous for its autumn foliage. It has an extremely beautiful natural landscape once you are up on the wall, green, densely wooded. People can find the whole mountain is covered all over by colorful leaves. The Great Wall is also overshadowed by green cypresses and red maples, smoke trees , chestnuts and more.

 Beijing’s foggy and cloudy days in summer are leaving us, coming with Beijing’s cooling autumn, with a blue sky, comfortable sunshine and the colourful leaves in and around Beijing.

It’s always comfortably cool outside, exploring the city’s streets and hutong, killing your time in the numerous outdoor cafes and restaurants, climbing the suburban mountains, being a hero by hiking the great wall and enjoying the best autumn hues feasting your eyes.

Get out and enjoy the best fall colours probably the most ideal period mid-October throughout mid-November in Beijing with many trees stripped of their leaves by the end of October. Snap pictures or just take in a feast for the eyes!

So you can’t procrastinate too much.

Sandy Li

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