YantaiWhen being asked which place you would like to visit, maybe you will answer that you want to visit a place with golden sand and blue sea, or a place with a centuries-old history. A place with magnificent architectures or a place with various cultures. Have you ever imagined that there could be one place that contains everything you want? Yantai will be the one.


Located in the east of Shandong Peninsula, Yantai borders to the cities Qingdao and Weihai to the southwest and east and adjoins the city Weifang to the west, abutting on Bohai Sea and Huanghai Sea to the north. Yantai and Liaodong Peninsula are facing each other and just across the sea is Dalian. Located 119°34′E~121°57′E, 36°16′N~38°23′N and influenced by Ocean climate, the city has a mild weather. It will not be too cold in winter and not too hot in summer. The city possesses a total area of 13,000 square km, with 909 km coastal line and 600,000 hectares zone possible for development. With its mountains and water the natural beauty is superlative.

Where to go when being in Yantai

Nanshan Scenic Area

Located in Lu mountain of Longkou, Nanshan is a spot with incredible natural beauty.

Many of the cultural attractions such as Nanshan Temple, Nanshan Buddha, Xiangshui Temple, Lingyuan Temple, Wenfeng Temple and so on remain from ancient China. Built at the side of the mountain, the pavilions and pagodas are simple and refined and the forests and rivers are spectacular. The biggest statue in the world of Buddha can also be found in the Nanshan Scenic Spot, with 28.66 meters in height and is 380 tons in weight. The spot also contains an international golf course and other places for entertainment. It concludes tourism, entertainment, catering and business in one.

Penglai pagoda Penglai Pagoda

The Penglai pagoda on the top of the Dan cliff is one of the four most famous temples in China. Standing on Penglai pagoda, you can see the picturesque view of Huanghai and Bohai. Beside the scenery it has rich culture too. It is known as the landing place of the Eight Immortals and famous for its occasional mirage. Penglai Water City located east to Dan cliff was built in Song Dynasty. It is the fortification of Song. One reason why Yantai is called wonderland is because of Penglai’s ancient times where it is said that a mirage appeared very often there.

Mou’s Manor

Mou’s Manor is the house of Mou’s family. It is located in Beigu Xixia. It’s the largest, best-preserved and most quintessential house in China. It’s a rarity in traditional architecture in China. It was firstly constructed during the Yongzheng Period of Qing Dynasty. After one hundred-year’s expansion, it now covers an area of 20,000 square meters with over 480 rooms.  It reflects historic culture, architectural culture and social culture of ancient China.

Hometown of Fruits

Yantai is the “Hometown of Fruits”. Having developed fruit industry, Yantai is abundant with apple, Laiyang Pear, Pear with long stem, grape, hawthorn, big cherry and Chinese chestnut etc. Yantai is the Key Fruit Export Base in north China and the biggest Red Fuji Apple Production Base, which has 186,700 hectares of top–grade apple orchard.

Hometown of FruitsRevel with food

You must be hungry after visiting so many good places, let’s go to the food Yantai festival together. At the Yantai food festival you can see how the Leisure snacks, traditional Yantai snacks or other famous snacks in the world are made and you can buy them. You can join the food carving or beer drinking competition too. There are performances about food and other entertainment which you can enjoy. Out of 20 different food will be chosen the most popular Yantai food. Come with us and cast you vote.

Date: August 10 2013 – August 18 2013.


If you have time you can have a taste of the local life in Yantai. I have been to Yantai for one week. The weather is comfortable and the city is clean. The street is tranquil. When you have leisure time, you can go to the sea side to have a walk. Experience a slower life.

Yantai the wonderland is waiting for you to venture.

Sandy Li

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