As one of the most important transportation arteries in Beijing, Subway Line 4 not only brings tremendous convenience to the local people, but also provides a unique itinerary for the tourists visiting Beijing.


the Summer PalaceIn the north part of Line 4, there are the famous Summer Palace, the old Summer Palace as well as one of China’s most prestigious and ancient universities, the Peking University. When you first look at the Line4 station board, you may wonder about one of the names appearing on that, “Beigongmen”. What does that mean? Actually “Beigongmen” refers to the north gate of the Summer Palace. Stepping off the Beigongmen station, you can reach the renowned royal garden within 5 minutes walk. The Summer Palace, covering an expanse of 2.9 square kilometers, is famed for Longevity Hill and the Kunming Lake.


Two stops from the Summer Palace, Line4 will take you to the Old Summer Palace, which is a display of broken beauty and certainly worth a thorough visit. Further south, there comes Peking University. Walking in Peking University, which is characterized by the Boya Pagoda and the Weiming Lake, feels just like rambling in a traditional Chinese landscape painting.


If you are interested in the traditional Chinese culture you could get off at the station of National Library when taking Line4. There are more than 1,640,000 traditional thread-bound Chinese books and over 35,000 inscriptions on oracle bones and tortoise shells stored in the Library.


When leaving Haidian district, Line4 will make a stop at the station of Beijing Zoo, best known for its collection of rare animals like the Giant Panda, the snub-nosed monkey, South China Tiger and so forth. Doubtless, Beijing Zoo is a must-visit spot for Children.


Moving out of Haidian District, Line4 enters the Xicheng District. This district is the central area of Beijing, while the center of the Xicheng District is Xidan, which is also one of the stops on Line4. Xidan is a major traditional commercial area in downtown Beijing with numerous supermarkets and department stores as well as the Xidan Cultural Square. Shopaholics must be very careful when strolling on Xidan streets. And if you are a foodie, do not hesitate to step off at the Pinganli Station where there is the famous Huguosi snack bar and all kinds of Beijing traditional snacks are available.


Taking line4 further south, you will come to the Fengtai District. The first stop in Fengtai District is Beijing South Railway Station. The South Station, fitted with many boutique stores and other convenient facilities, is one of the most modern railway stations in China. On top of that, it only takes less than 40 minutes to arrive in the neighboring city Tianjin by taking an inter-city train here.


Overall, all these attractions are like one after another gems embellished on the ribbon of Beijing Subway Line4.

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