Come to visit a historical and very interesting city which is famous for its numerous relics! Jinan in Shandong Province is a city you shouldn’t miss when travelling in China. Book your flight now and visit the capital city of Shandong Province!

Jinan is located in the Midwest of Shandong Province and functions as a traffic junction to many worthwhile attractions in the Province. But also the city itself has a lot to offer. Known as the “City of Springs” it is especially popular for the around 72 springs that scatter throughout the city.

With a history of around 2000 years, Jinan is a very historical city. Here you can find a great deal of relics, for example the cradle of the Longshan Relic Culture, the reputed prehistoric culture of China. Moreover you can see the ancient Great Wall of the Qi State (770BC-221BC), the colored sculptures of the Song Dynasty and many more. And if you stay in China while a festival takes place, Jinan is the right place to visit. Especially the Lantern Festival in the Baotu Spring Park or the Double-Nine Festival on the Thousand-Buddha Mountain is great to see.

A lot of people say that Jinan’s natural beauty is not that special but the warmth of the local people makes the city very glamorous. The city is very hospitable and also Marco Polo, who once visited the city, praised it very much. Besides the numerous springs, that definitely are the highlights of Jinan, there are other attractions worth to see. Very interesting is the Li Qingzhao Memorial Hall. Li Qingzhao (1084-1151) was a famous woman poet in the Song Dynasty. She was born in Jinan. Besides being a poet she also was a calligrapher and painter.  In the Baotu Spring Park lays her memorial hall which was built in 1956. Here you can find a lot of her works and also her portrait. One of the paintings named “Snow and Wind in Jinan” portrays Li’s love for her country and her hate for the treacherous high officials in the Southern Song’s imperial court.

Near the Memorial Hall there you can also find her former residence. Wandering around the Memorial Hall in the Baotu Spring Park especially with warm and sunny weather is also very nice. You can sit and watch the people or you can have a drink in one of the restaurants directly by the lake. The Park is the most famous one in Jinan. Here is the Baotu Spring which is part of a cluster of about 20 named springs.

Another worthy place to see is the Thousand-Buddha Mountain (Qianfo Shan). It is a scenic destination for the Buddhism Culture. Since the Chinese Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), the temple fair is held on the mountain on the ninth day of the ninth Chinese lunar month.

Also you can visit the Shandong provincial museum which features around 8000 specimens, 100000 historical relics and a collection of 120000 books. Or you wander around the Daming Lake Park which is regarded as one of the three must-sees scenic spot in Jinan together with the Baotu Spring Park and the Thousand-Buddha Mountain. It is a natural lake formed by many springs.

Jinan is not a very touristic city as it is not yet that popular. But it has a lot to offer. If you like to visit a beautiful place that is not that crowed with many tourists yet, you should definitely visit Jinan when travelling in China.

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