Would you like to travel to Shandong during August and September? Except for the picturesque nature landscape and rich cultural landscape, you may want something for fun or something you can learn from it by join in it. With the Qingdao beer festival reaching to its climaxs, let’s have a look at other activities you cannot miss during you Shandong tour between Aug and Sep.

Qufu Confucius Study Tour FestivalQufu Confucius Study Tour Festival

Confucius study tour festival is an activity about the Confucian culture, informative and entertaining. In the festival you can worship Confucius in Confucian temple or Confucian Cemetery, and you can also visit a class at Nishan Academy. Through handwriting, shooting, song and dance watching, classical music appreciating, you will deepen understand the Confucian culture. Through cultural activities like, cooking pancake, weaving, dough modeling, you will experience folk customs of ancient Lu country. In the evening you can have Confucius Family Mansion’s meal and enjoy the delicious food. In old ages of China, scholars learnt things through traveling. If you want to learn the Confucian culture and know more about China, start the study tour with us.

Date: July 9 2013-Sep 10 2013

Other Scenery in Qufu: Shao haoling Shimen Mountain

Daming Lake Lotus Arts Festival

Daming Lake Lotus Arts FestvalYou can see many kinds of lotus and attend various activities in Daming Lake Lotus Arts Festival. There are 5 groups of lotus theme parterre, 1500 pots of lotus in the scenery, and 20 groups of flowers with colour direction flowerpots in the square. The flowers and flowerpots are well matched which make the flowers more attractive. By the way, 300 hydrophytes, 500 green plants, 50 thousands other plants will be set. There are 12 pieces of display board about lotus. Famous people will make poems of lotus. Lotus introduction and food related to lotus will be contented in the festival. At this time, the green lotus has reached its full blossom stage. The green lotus has huge and white flowers and it has high ornamental value. The two tone lotus is blossoming which is very beautiful and unique. The imported blossoming rare candock is remarkable in the scenery, colourful and fragrant. Surrounded by the candock, the Victoria amazonica has also reached its full blossom stage, with huge flowers which can change colour everyday, making tourist surprise. Moreover, the 14th Jinan dragon boat competition will be held in Daming Lake, and you can also watch it in the festival.

Date: July 13 2013-Aug 31 2013

Other Scenery in Jinan: Bao Tu Spring Thousand Buddha Mountain

Kenli He Family Grape Culture Tourism FestivalKenli He Family Grape Festival

Kenli He family grape culture tourism festival has been held for 6 sessions from 2007, in He Family green ecological tourism park. It has received 500 thousands people. Tourist will participate in paint exhibition, bicycle tourism, wine and fruits tasting, and grapes picking in He family green ecological tourism park. You can enjoy the rurality as much as you like, and enjoy yourself by picking grapes. He Family has unique grape. Strolling in the path of the grape garden you would feel the joy in pastoral area and smell the aroma of grapes.

Date: Aug 17 2013-Oct 17 2013

Other Scenery in Dongying (Kenli is in Dongying) : Dongying Swan Lake Yellow River Delta Wetland

Take you package and go to travel in the beautiful autumn.

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