Endless sand, a beautiful view and silence. Visiting the desert in China is definitely worth it! During my travel in China I’ve seen a lot of big cities, lots of people and did a lot of sightseeing. So I thought it is time to see a different China. Therefore I took a Flight from Beijing to Hohhot in Inner Mongolia. And it was definitely worth it!

My friends and I arrived in Hohhot in the late afternoon. We had booked a hostel in advanced and went directly to the hostel. The hostel was nice and the stuff very friendly. As we didn’t made any plans for Hohhot we checked what kind of tours the hostel offers. There was a 2 Days Desert-Tour and as we really wanted to see the desert we booked the tour for the next day.

Around ten o’clock the next day we got picked up by our driver and our two tour guides. They were around the same age as us and very funny and friendly.  We had a little bit traffic jam and therefore arrived around 1 pm at the restaurant where we had lunch.

After the lunch we continued our trip towards the desert. Around 3 pm we arrived at the “entrance” of the desert. From there we took a jeep which brought us through the desert to an Oasis. There was the tent in which we should spend the night. We spend some time there and then we went out for a walk. The scenery was very beautiful. Sand dunes as far as you could see. With our tour guides we walked around. It was very exhausting as it was very hot und walking up a sand dune is quite difficult.

At one place we did sand surfing. That was really fun! And then we even played beach volleyball in the middle of the desert. Later we went back to the Oasis. Of course not without having made a lot of pictures! At the Oasis we had to look for dried limbs as we would make a bonfire in the evening. Then we had dinner and afterwards we watched the sunset. That was really beautiful and a good experience.

After it became completely dark and we all sat around the bonfire and talked. Soon somebody started to sing a song and we all sang together. It was very special also because we were totally alone, no other tourists around – only us, the tent, and our two tour guides.  One of our guides started to sing a Mongolian song. The nice sound and the totally silence around us made it a really impressive moment!

The next day after we had breakfast we sat on camels to ride back out of the desert. The ride was about one hour and very funny.  Sitting on a camel is not as comfortable as I thought but it was a good experience and didn’t last for very long. At the exit of the desert we took our minivan and drove back to Hohhot.

If you want to experience the same or something similar, then go to the Kubuqi desert (part of Gobi desert) near Hohhot. You will get an adventurous trip which makes your travel in China very special.

Jack Li

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