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On July 24, 2013, in Beijing, China Travel Gossip, Featured China Stories, by Jack Li


Why China? That’s a common question everyone asked me when I first decided to travel to china for a semester abroad in Beijing. They still ask me that same question now that I’m here and every time I meet new people. This doesn’t bother me at all because I am always curious, as well, of knowing why and how people make these kind of decisions. For me it was not easy at all and if I may be completely honest I’ve always been very undecided concerning my future. But I knew this was the time to start making real choices and big decisions towards having the future I dreamt about, with realistic goals; and Traveling to China was the start of it.

The semester in my university was about to finish and I hadn’t made the decision of where I wanted to make my semester abroad. I remember walking through the cafeteria and I saw a poster that was about learning mandarin and studying some business courses in Beijing. In that moment it all clicked. It made perfect sense to me; it was the perfect opportunity for me to experience a whole new culture, which I have been always eager to learn about, a new language, meet new people, be in the center of one of the fastest growing economies while learning from it; also perfect for me since I’m majoring in business administration, the perfect chance to start the path towards becoming a global citizen. So, the decision was taken. I started gathering information about my future destination and felt ready, anxious and motivated to start this experience.

Five months have passed since I first arrived. I have been through situations that had been very different from what I had expected, but all of these had helped me grow as a person. While Touring China you’ll realize is so different and diverse that it makes you live the experience through all your senses. So,whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, let’s change for a bit the initial question and instead of asking why? Let’s better think of why not?



Jack Li

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