China has a huge range of places for you to choose from and visit. Great places with amazing scenery that will make your China Tour a delightful experience.

 Now, I’m going to introduce a show that will make your experience even richer in history and culture during your China Travel. “The Legend of Kung Fu Show” is a performance that includes real kung fu scenes along with a story layout about the history of kung fu past and present. You don’t have to worry about not understanding because the narration of the story is in english, with chinese subtitles.

Martial arts are a very important part of Chinese culture, it has a really deep and profound understanding of technical and artistic connotation. The theory of this art is based on the idea of self-cultivation encouraging virtue, artistry, self-healing, physical fitness,  self-defense and health maintenance.

Nowadays, there is a huge diversity of styles that come as a result of the mixture of those that already existed. We can now appreciate 400 styles with great variety and diversity of movements of great strenght such as the Shaolin Hung-Gar, Loong Chuan, Wing Chuan, Pa Chi Chuan, Tang Lang Chuan and soft and therapeutic styles like Tai Chi Chuan, Pa-Kua Chang and Pak Mei.

I went to this show during my first week in China and I felt like having a small introduction of what some of China’s traditions and thoughts are. It’s the perfect way to learn about their backgrounds and origins. The whole show was amazing; a mixture of good music, great scenery and amazing performers. Once the show is finished, you would want to learn more about everything China has to offer.

Beijing Red Theatre (Chinese name : 红剧场) and also originally known as Chongwen Worker’s Cultural Palace Theatre, helds the show every night from 7:30-8:45pm. The adress is 44 Xingfu Street, Chongwen District, Beijing and is really easy getting there. By taxi you shouldn’t have any problema, or just like I did, take the subway line 5, and get off the Tiantan east stop exit C, then you can walking to east 500 meters (Tiyuguan Rd.).

So, while traveling to China don’t miss the opportunity to explore the world of Chinese martial arts with real kung fu stunts. And maybe, even taking some classes of your own.

Jack Li

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