The Volleyball team of China is very famous and always ranks amoung the top teams. Therefore also a lot of Chinese like to play volleyball. Do you also like to play and don’t want to miss it during your travel in China? Then spend the afternoon on weekends at Beiwai campus and join the people there on the volleyball court. You will get to know a lot of locals and it’s a different cultural experience than the one you get while visiting sightseeing places.

Beiwai is the short name for the Beijing Foreign Language University and is located in Haidian district near to the Beijing Zoo. The University is divided into the west campus and the east campus. Sport facilities can be found mainly on the east campus.

There are a sports field with running track, tennis courts and basketball courts, a fully equipped gymnasium and also 4 volleyball courts. Especially the volleyballs courts are well used during the study semesters. Every department of the university has his own team. And these teams practice a lot.

However if you come by during semester vacation there are not many students around. Therefore if you like to play go there on a weekend when it is not raining but also not too hot. You can go there with friends or also individual as you sure will find some other people who you can join for playing. Most of the time this will be Chinese people so it is a good opportunity to get to know them and to practice your Chinese. It doesn’t matter if you are man or woman, they will let you play with them.

During semester vacation there are mostly older men playing there. They play very well so you should bring some knowledge of volleyball with you. You don’t know how to play? Well there are also other people around who are not that good either, so you can join them. I use to go there often and until now there are always around 30 people playing there.

If you prefer to watch them play or you just want enjoy the sun it is also a good place to go. The university is very green with a lot of flowers. Just next to the volleyball court there is a park where you can relax, read a book or watch the other people playing.

Watching volleyball is quite interesting around End of May/June as there will be a tournament of the university departments where all the team participates. It is nice to see who each school cheers their team up. It is really a great atmosphere. The games usually take place during lunch time and in the evening after the lessons.

If you played yourself or watched a game and you get thirsty, check out the bars and coffe shops near the volleyball court. There is a café next to the gymnasium where you can sit and see the people swimming. The atmosphere is quite nice and there is free wifi available.

When you travel in Beijing you should definitely pay a visit to the university and the area around as it is definitely worth it.

Jack Li

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