Wangjia Dayuan is the essence of Ancient China. If you are interested in Ancient China Tours, especially the Ming and Qing Dynasty, it is a must see in China.

Located in Lingshi of Shanxi Province, China, 4 hours by from Beijing, Wangjia Dayuan is well known for its ancient architecture decorated by stone and wooden curves, it is one of the biggest residential compound in Shanxi Province. Wangjia Dayuan is close to Pingyao, which is famous for its ancient town of Ming and Qing dynasty. The easiest way to get to it is join a one day tour from Pingyao. It takes 30 minutes from Pingyao.

When you stop at the front door of Wangjia Dayuan, I believe you would get surprised. As a personal residential place, the area is incredible huge. It is divided into two parts, Gaojiaya and Hongmenbao, connected by a stone bridge. Gaojiaya is mainly the family residential compound of the Wang brothers, Wang Rucong and Wang Rucheng. It was constructed from 1796 to 1811, covered 19572 square meters. Decoration is one of the most interesting thing you must find here. Almost all the decorations have special meanings and good wishes. Take the decoration over the front door as an example, there are three levels of decorations, animals, fruits and plants, which means good wish for career, happiness and health.

The residential place has many rooms; the central one is called Citang, which is used for memorizing ancestors. The Mater room is on the left side of Citang, while the second room is on the right side. Servant and guardrooms are on the left boarder, rooms on the right boarder are for sons. In Ancient China, girls are prepared to get married at about 18 years old, so they move to stay upstairs in girls’ room when they are 16. During the two years, they must stay upstairs, eating, learning and playing. Without special permission, they cannot go downstairs until they get married. 

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Sandy Li

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