While travelling through China you should not miss to try out a cultural activity called “KTV” better known as “Karaoke”. It is fun to try and it makes you addicted!

When my Chinese friends invited me to the KTV for the first time, I felt horrible. Karaoke is also known in my country but it is quite different. A huge place like a restaurant or a bar where you have to sing in front of completely strangers whether on stage or on your place. I thought I do not want to be exposed like this, showing to everybody my inability of singing is not my deal pretty much. I took courage and followed my friends to the KTV. Under no circumstances I wanted to sing, I thought but then I was absolutely astonished and relieved both, when I realized that KTV in China is completely different and I started to understand why it is such a famous activity especially among young Chinese people. In China you are not in a big hall, bar or restaurant with other people you do not know. No, you get a room just for you and your friends. You can order food, snacks and drinks as well, which will be served by the waiter. There is a big comfortable couch in the room where you just sit in front of a big TV screen. You can choose songs in various languages as Chinese, English and sometimes even in other languages. You can choose a song you want to sing by yourself or in a group. At the beginning I felt strange to sing but you just have to try it once and I am sure you would like it.

Another day I went to KTV in China with my western friends and they all felt a bit shy at the beginning but as soon as someone started to sing, they warmed up. From then on they were very keen on KTV. A very cheap place for trying out KTV is in “Hothot” where you can spend 3 hours for only around 20 dollars and you even get served fruits and snacks.

Why is KTV that popular? I don’t know. We all sometimes like to sing under the shower or start to sing a popular song among 2 or 3 friends. So the KTV here gives you the perfect environment to sing with your friends. You can be three people, eight or even more.

Besides being cheap I think KTV is a good way to spend your leisure time. And no matter how terrible you sing, your friends will give you applause. And it’s not just about singing it is like socializing. You chat with your friends, discuss things and beside you also get the feeling of being a superstar.

KTV places can be found everywhere in China so don’t miss to try that out. It will make your travel in China a lot more entertaining.

Jack Li

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