Are you interested in Taoism? Or do you simply want to see fantastic sceneries and experience a little bit of Chinese culture? Then don’t miss out to visit Longhu shan in Jiangxi Province during your travel in China.


Longhu shan which means Dragon and Tiger Mountain is located in Jiangxi province and has a long history. Originally the mountain was named “Mount of Splendid Clouds”. According to the record of Taoism the mountain was renamed after a Taoist priest who distilled elixirs at the mountain. After the elixirs were made, a dragon and tiger would appear. That is how the mountain got his new name and also became a birthplace of Taoism. Many Taoist temples were built upon the mountainside. The mountain is known as one of the Four Sacred Mountains of Taoism. Therefore a lot of pilgrims come to the mountain every year as they regard it as a Holy Land.

Apart from that the scenery is very beautiful and special. The landform is characterizes by red terrestrial rocks and its cliffy scarps. You can take a ride on a small wooden boat and drift along the Luxi River which flows westwards through the mountain area. You will be able to see all the beautiful scenes, green water, red mountains and moreover you can enjoy a blue sky and white clouds.

There is another interesting fact about the Dragon and Tiger Mountain. The mountain has a historical burial site of the Guyue people. So you are able to see the ancient Cliff Tombs. Most of the tombs are about 50 meters above the water and others are more than 300 meter high. If you drive on the Lu Xi river you will also be able to see the Cliff Tombs. Because of its expansive area, dangerous location, large quantity and unique shape, the tombs got the title “the best natural archeological museum of China”. Until today no one is sure why and how the ancient site was built. There are several shows each they which show the visitors how the coffins have been brought to the cliff tombs. It is very interesting to see. You can watch the show out a ferry, so you have a direct view to the show. All the boats at that time on the river as well as the show which brings a coffin up to the cliff tombs is a wonderful view itself and you sure can take a lot of nice picture.

Also the rest of the area is worth to see as the natural scenery is very beautiful. Afterwards you can also drive to the TianShi Fu temple which is the largest and best-preserved temple in the area.

The Province Jiangxi doesn’t appear on the must-see list of many travelers. This is actually a pity as the province has its surprises. Especially for hikers this it’s a good place to go as almost all of the major attractions are off in the mountains. Moreover it is very easy to get to this province with several high-speed train connections from Shanghai and Hangzhou.

So don’t miss out to visit this beautiful province and especially the Dragon and Tiger Mountain when you travel in China.

Jack Li

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