Where, how and when do you usually have your morning cup of coffee? And do you have it at all? I remember waking up every day in Tenerife and going eating to a café which was 500m away from my apartment.  A nice cup of coffee and a piece of cake was just about one euro, which is 8 Yuan. A cup of normal coffee in Beijing cost approximately 15 Yuan. Beijing is known for cheap prices, but where are they exactly? Let’s get to know more about China travel, China tours and food in the capital.

Starbuks is the same everywhere :)

It is me in Starbuks. They are the same everywhere :)

When you go to a cafes in Beijing, the first thing you should pay attention to is a big, blue stand which is usually placed near the exit. If you cannot find it, just run away from this place, as they have not passed the standards of quality. The rest of restaurants have the B standard which still makes them good. I have never seen A standards even though they exists, small cafes are usually much cheaper and the food there is more delicious .If you want to eat really really cheap, you should go to student canteens, most of them are open for everyone ,or you should just  go somewhere outside the centre.In Beijing you will find many local fast-food restaurants, which serve Chinese cuisine. The food there is much tastier than Mc Donald’s and not so bad for you.

Chinese people just love to eat meat! Sometimes there is no single dish without meat in a whole restaurant. I am a vegetarian and in the beginning it was so very difficult to find something to eat, as almost nobody speaks English here. So, I was in trouble. After a while of starving to death I learned how to say “without meat” in Chinese. It will be 不要肉or buyaorou. So it is very useful, even though there are not so many places where you will find many dishes without meat. So, be prepared to it.

If you eat together with Chinese people, you should know that there is NO YOUR PLATE, everything is COMMON. So, do not be surprise when they try to take something from your plate. I, personally, think that it is more romantic and I always feel like being a part of a big family. Usually, they offer many things and share them, so you will leave the cafe with your stomach stuffed.

Another important thing which I want to emphasis is about bird flu. There have been several outbreaks of bird flu in recent years, so sometimes you do not even know whether the meat is ok. I would not recommend eating chicken when the certain outbreaks occur.

I hope you will travel to Beijing one day and explore everything yourself, even though Chinese cuisines are different from European, they are tasty and indeed very healthy, so you will enjoy it.

Jack Li

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