Have you ever been to Guilin? If not, please find your China flights to experience its charm. Guilin’s unique topography had left a deep impression on many people who had visited Guilin, so how about you? I am sure that once visiting this charming city, you would find that there is so many surprises waiting for you to discover on your Chian tour.

Guilin is regarded as the most picturesque city in China. Two crystal-clear rivers, Lijiang River and Peach Blossom River, meander through the city, which are encircled by hills. The two rivers are likened to be green silk ribbons, while the dramatic hills seem like emerald hair-pins.

So the rich nature resources have long been taken as the inspiration for artists and painters. And innumerous inscriptions and poems eulogized its beauty in the history of China. No wonder that it is widely spreaded that “east and west, Guilin landscape is best”.

Then, what to say in Guilin? Well, the classical attractions include the “Three Hills, Two Caves and One River”, which refers to Diecai Hill, Fubo Hill and Elephant Trunk Hill, Reed Flute Cave and Seven-Star Cave, and the world-renowned Li River. Whether you would like to take a relaxing vacation or plan to have a wonderful sightseeing, you will be exceptionally surprised by what Guilin has to offer.


For those who love delicious foods, it is also a paradise! The most popular local snacks include the rice noodles (mifen), nun noodles, chestnut glutinous rice dumplings (banli zong), stewed duck with gingko, lotus-leaf duck and stewed duck with ginger. Especially, Guilin rice noodles have long enjoyed fame. The rice noodles are round, thin and flexible, the soup fresh and fragrant and the meat very tasty.


As for its weather, it is really pleasant to go in sping! Guilin sits in a subtropical monsoon zone with a warm and moist climate, which is moderate all year round. The average temperature all year round is 19°C(66F) and the best time to travel here is between April and October.

You could hardly wait to have a visit? Don’t worry about the trouble to get there. Actually, Guilin is a well-developed tourist city with convenient transportation facilities. You can enter the city by air, train, long-distance bus or ship and get around the city by bus, taxi or bicycle.

As a tourism city, Guilin has many hotels, including more than 30 five-star hotels, 100 four-star hotels, and 200 three-star hotels, which can satisfy your varified needs. For those who have a limited budget, hostels are good choices. They are quite economical and convenient, which are especially suitable for backpackers. Hostels provide simple but basic facilities at a budget price. Besides, Holiday Villages & Houses are widely available here. Most of these are well-equipped and located near tourist attractions in Guilin’s surrounding areas. Therefore they are the perfect place for leisure and sightseeing.

Travelers can take advantage of affordable deals by making good plans before you go. You can find comprehensive informations with China Travel Depot. Enjoy it and surely you’ll never regret every single moment.

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