As you know a Trip to China (or at any part of the world) is not completed without at least a little bit of shopping and if you Travel to Beijing the best place you can go if you want to avoid the bargaining of the Silk Market and you wish for a place where Chinese people goes shopping too is Wangfujing.

Wangfujing literally means “Prince’s mansion well” and it’s located near the Tiananmen square although there is a metro station called “Wangfujing” which leaves you just in the middle of the shopping street.

It’s been commercially active since the Ming dynasty and in the Qing dynasty was the place where the aristocrats chose to live after a well of sweet water was discovered there.

Although it was known for a period of time as the Morrison Street (after the Australian journalist George Ernest Morrison) and that sometimes the traffic was allowed in now Wangfujing street is one of the most popular streets in Beijing.

Now it holds more than 280 famous Chinese brands and also a good range of international brands that have their space in the street.

And if you want to have a snack or eat something in the area there are a lot of options you can do; you can always go to the fast food (There is a McDonalds, KFC…) or to the restaurants that offer Beijing duck and a lot of Chinese specialties.

But if you are brave enough and you want to try different things you can go to the Snack Street and buy some of the dishes that are available, there you can try the most bizarre things such as; sheep brains, cockroaches, scorpions, spiders, ants, snake, crocodile , entire ducklings and a range of animals that you can’t imagine.

If you don’t dare to eat this things in the Snack Street you can also find Chuanr (a kind of kebab with lamb meat) and desserts like caramelized fruits or candy fruits in a stick, all very transportable because the Snack Street is situated in a hútòng area so there’s not much space to eat there.

Wangfujing Street and its surrounding area are a part of Beijing that you cannot miss in your Beijing trip. So, my recommendation is that, even if you are here for a short time make sure that at least you spend some time there, just shopping (either for yourself or souvenirs) or just to try all the exotic food!

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