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If you travel to Beijing and you do a Beijing Tour you’ll probably see that most of the buildings and places are either very Chinese or very modern. But just 30 min by fast train from the city you’ll find a completely different world.


Tianjin is one of the five national center cities of China and it is interesting especially for his variety, in their municipality there are three distinctive areas that make Tianjin one of the most curious cities in China.

It has the modern part, with tall buildings and modern malls and business center. High buildings and modern bridges that cross the river in a very modern and spectacular way,

It has the old part with a bell tower and lots of streets where you can buy calligraphy material and see how the people lived in ancient times.

But it also has a “European part” because it was in Tianjin where the foreigners were established after the second Opium war, this part is full of European-looking villas and churches, a singular thing in China that has given Tianjin the right of being one of the most touristic cities within the Chinese people.

This touristic rush have had a lot of benefit in the city, for example, a lot of buildings that were nearly in ruins have been restored and the works continue all along the city, especially near the river where there is even a bridge that is European-style.

The tourism has also made Tianjin one of the most beautiful cities of China, the riverside path is very nice and full of flowers and there are modern sculptures and places to rest everywhere.

But probably the most impressive thing of Tianjin is the Tianjin Eye, a big wheel that is almost as big as the London Eye but it has one big difference from the Londoner.

The Tianjin Eye is directly built on the river, like a bridge with the Ferris wheel on top, which is a very remarkable work, it was opened in 2008 and it’s the forth bigger wheel in the world so it’s already an attraction for itself.

Tianjin is one of the most interesting cities you can find near Beijing and is only half an hour away! So if you want to have a lovely day in a place which will remind you of home and eat in a proper European restaurant (yes, you are in Asia and you should enjoy it but a little bit of nostalgia is good) why not include Tianjin to your China Tour? You won’t regret it.

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