The Nest Stadium.

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One of the things that changed the modern Beijing were the 2008 Oylimpics. If you travel to Beijing now you’ll find a completely different city than just four years ago, make sure to include all the new buildings in your Beijing Tour!
One of the most emblematic places from the Beijing Olympics was the Beijing National Stadium, also known as The Nest Stadium. This stadium is the place where the most important Olymplic events from the Beijing 2008 olympics were held.

It was where the opening and the closing ceremonies were held and also most of the athletic events, and the football final.
Afther the Olympics it also held the paralympics, with also both ceremonies and the athletic events.

Now it helds a huge range of events such as Opera, athletics and lots of football matches, like friendlies between clubs or even the Italian Supercup. Lots of rumours say that next year will also hold the Spanish Supercup.
But why is it called the Nest Stadium?

The architects, Herzog and de Meuron decided to do a contest to decide wich design will be the most convenient, they needed the ability for post-Olympics use, a retractable roof, and low maintenance costs.

They narrowed it down to 13 and Cthe one who won based his design in the study of the chinese ceramics in order to do a very Chinese stadium (after all it was China’s time to shine!) to held the retractable roof, they would have to put a lot of steel reinforcement, and that was what gave the idea of the Nest form.

In the end they didn’t put the retractable roof but they left the steel bars because that was what gave the Beijing National stadium his pecculiar form.

Situated in the Olympic Green it has a very distinctive form and it has been designed to serve like “a collective building, a public vessel” and its very “porous” but has a roof that protect the public from the weather conditions.

His nest form helps the air to flow and that provides a very good ventilation in the hot Beijing summer.

When you Travel to Beijing remember that it’s not just the old City that has made a way trough the Beijing emblematic places, there are also lots of modern buildings that are worth visiting, the Nest Stadium is the most emblematic one and if you are lucky and there is some activity there is worth visiting it and attending to some event just to see the interior and the way that they are organized and held!


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