During your China trip you will probably find lots of nice places, but there are places barely visited by tourists that are worth just for it’s pure beauty, as they are from quite isolated places it may be a bit difficult to include them in your Chinese Tour but nothing is impossible!

This first photo is from Zhenyuan, in the province of Guizhou, this city is the most beautiful in the province and it has more than 160 spots that you can visit; caves, palaces, temples, rivers… all with its own architecture. A place worth visit that also has the added bonus of the landscape pictured in the photo, every evening the lamps from the houses are lit, creating this nice view.

This photo is a very nice photo of a Ming dynasty bridge covered with grass but still strong like the first day. These bridges are found in some places where the dynasty was present, like the Guyue Bridge in Yiwu, some of them are more than 700 years old. Their amazing structure and the fact that they are still standing so many years later makes them very interesting.  They are worth a visit!

These are the Yellow Mountains (Huangshan) in the south-east of Anhui province, they have more than 100 million years old and it has many peaks, most of them surpassing 1000 meters and depending on the high there are one or another kind of vegetation, from small bushes to very tall trees. If you go to the Anhui province a visit to the Yellow Mountains it’s considered mandatory. Some of the mountains are also great for growing tea and in some of them you can observe a curious light phenomenon when the sun rises, so that is the best time to visit them.

The last photo is from the Karst phenomena. It can be seen in the south of China, this forest made of rocks is found in the Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi provinces and its UNESCO protected, this phenomenon is unique in the world, but if you want to find the most beautiful and diverse Karst you have to go to the Shilin part, instead, if you want to see caves and natural bridges the best part is in Wulong.

So, if you want to see things as beautiful as the photos above why don’t you find time of your China Tour to go to places off the beaten track that are free from tourists and full of wonders?

Jack Li
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