Houhai lake

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If you travel to Bejing you will realize that it has a lot of pecculiarities, it has different landscapes and one of the most beautiful you can find in your Beijing tour is The Houhai lake zone.

The Houhai lake zone is a district that is formed by a lake and it’s surroundings, mostly Hútòngs.
It’s situated in the central part of Beijing and is one of the three parts of the Shichahai area, formed by the areas of QianHai, HouHai and XiHai and together they form three lakes whose water come from different parts like the Beijing zoo or the West Fragrant Hills.

But the Houhai area is the most popular area, either in daylight or at night.

During the day the area is bursting in activity, the Hútòngs and the lake shore are full of shops but the lake is also vey crouded, you can rent a boat there and discover the lake at your pace, you can see the fishermen fishing in the lake and you can even bath if you feel like it (athough maybe is not very sanitary)

But the nightlife is also very active, the lake shore is full of bars and pubs with a distinctive atmosphere, the combination of neon lights and paper lanterns that makes an environment surprisinggly calm and relaxing.

One of the most interesting activites that you can do in HouHai is rent a Rickshaw and visit the two historical spots that have made the HouHai zone one of the most visited in china; The place of birth of the emperor Puyi (the last emperor of China) and the coutyard house that holds the residence of Song QinLing, the wife of the emperor Sun YatSen, both of this houses are now museums and can be  visited, it’s interesting how well preserved are the gardens and the ponds and the huge difference between the Hútòngs that can be seen not very far away and the magnificence of the imperial residence.

the HouHai lake is a good place also for the modern people, you can find live music in most of the bars and all the shops are full of handmade things that will give a very chic touch in your (or your friends’) house.

The Houhai lake is the place to go if you want to have a relaxed day, just walking in the lakeshore, looking at nice souvenirs or maybe drinking something and just see the people pass by.

In bettween all the rush of Beijing City make sure to include the HouHai lake in your Beijing tour. You won’t regret it!

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