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There are a lot of differences between China and the rest of the world, but we all agree that the most important meal of the day is Breakfast. During your China tour you will see that the things a Chinese person eats in the morning are different to what occidental people eat, so why not try to have a Chinese Breakfast on your China Tour?

The traditional and popular Chinese breakfast starts with a bowl of Congee, the Congee is a watery rice that can be seasoned just to give it more flavor, it can be sweet or salty or even (if you dare) it can be spicy and, sometimes, they even add vegetables, meat or mushrooms if they feel like it.

Another typical food that the Chinese people eat for breakfast is Crullers, they call them also the “deep-fried-devils” and they are basically twisted strips of dough that have been fried in oil, they are very popular in the street stands although each time less due to the difficulty to make them compared to the simple fried bread.

The Crullers are eaten with the Congee, but depending on the part of China you are traveling to (normally in the north) you will see that they are served with soy milk and you can choose if you want it salty or sweet depending on your tastes.

But for breakfast there is a lot of variety too, for example Dumplings is a very good breakfast for Chinese people who are in a hurry (yes, even the meat ones) because they are easy to buy and easy to eat.

Salted pancakes with vegetables or meat are also a handy solution for the busy Chinese people, if you go by subway in the morning you’ll probably see a lot of people with a coffee in their hands and a plastic bag with something quick to eat.

Breakfast is a very good way to experience Chinese culture and their way of leaving, there is lots of places where you can have some typical Chinese breakfast and they are not expensive, normally they are fitted to please the average Chinese worker’s budget so don’t worry about the prize.

Even if you are in a hurry Chinese breakfast is the perfect way to start the day with energy and ready to face all the sightseeing or travel of your Chinese Tour, don’t hesitate and try it!

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