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One of the animals that have been linked with China, probably the most important one, is the panda. If you go on your China Tour and you don’t have time to see them in their natural environment you should go to a Zoo. And if you go to Beijing, the Beijing Zoo is an obligatory stop in your Beijing tour. The Zoo is especially a very recommended place if you go with children.

The Beijing Zoo is not entirely like a Zoo in Europe, a part from the animals it is also a park where you can walk on the shore of a Lake, a river or a pond and it is actually a very nice place to spend a day (although is a bit full of people).

The main attraction, of course, are the pandas, they are set separately of the other animals in a big complex called “Panda house” where there are a dozen pandas that live there, it’s the nicest part of the Zoo and also the most crowded.

There are also a lot of other animals that live in the 89 hectares of the Zoo, they are divided by their species and normally they have a little complex for them, like the “Feline” complex where you can see panthers, cheetahs, bobcats or even a stranger Asian species that are not widely known like the Maruls.

But there are other animals that have their own status, either for their size (like the elephants or the giraffes) or for their importance (like the lions or the tigers), they are widely announced through the entire park.

Another important part of the zoo is the Aquarium, it’s the bigger aquarium in China and it offers also a very large range of aquatic animals, there are also a lot of shows that can be seen in the aquarium so if you are tired of walking why don’t you go inside and enjoy a dolphin show?

The Beijing Zoo, opened in 1903, has also other attractive places besides from the animals and the park, there are no less than four buildings that are considered monuments and can be visited from the outside.

So if you want to spend a day in a very nice environment, walk in a very nice park and, besides all that, see a lot of animals that you will not see  in any other place, especially Asian fauna, don’t doubt it and make a visit to the Beijing Zoo during your Chinese Tour, it’ll be an experience that you won’t regret!

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