Shanghai is one of the most visited cities of China and it has a lot of things to see, so if Shanghai is a stop in your China tour here there are 10 things you can’t miss in your Shanghai trip.

1)      People’s square; situated in the center of the city it is nearly 150,000 square meters and it’s surrounded by buildings, there is a “smart musical fountain” in the middle so make sure you don’t miss that.

2)      Shanghai museum; This museum has the shape of a bronze caudron and it covers more than 5,000 years in the Chinese history, there are a lot of different pieces, from calligraphy to ceramics or statues, it’s a bit difficult to cover it in one trip.

3)      Eat Din Tai Fung; as popular as Beijing Duck, the Din Tai Fung is a kind of soup that is served with dumplings (normally pork) and broth, it’s a very popular taste in the city so make sure that, at least, you try it once.

4)      Dongtai Road; if you want to buy souvenirs and you don’t know where to go its easy, Dongtai Road. This road is the best place to buy things to bring home, from teapots to statues, everything can be found there.

5)      The Bund; situated near the river is one of the places where you can see the contrast of China, as there are a lot different buildings
in a lot of different styles, you can find high skyscrapers and renaissance buildings, traditional Chinese…

6)      Huangpu river; this is the center of the city, it’s hearth, this river holds 30% of the water exportation of China, it has also a lot of buildings in the Shanghai area so you can visit it by boat.

7)      Longtangs; like the Hútòngs in Beijing the Longtang are the ancient streets of the city, you can see how the ancient inhabitants of Shanghai lived in the City and it’s a place worth visiting.

8)      Yu Yuan Garden; this garden was created in the Ming dynasty and it took more than 20 years to be built, it’s a nice place and not very crowded so if you want to relax for a while it’s the best place.

9)      Old City;  called Nanshi for the locals is a very good place to go and see temples, traditional shops and gardens, don’t miss the City Wall or the Bridge of Nine Turnings, they are a Must-see in the city.

10)   French concession; it’s a very nice place to relax, it still has the buildings from 1900 and it’s like you’ve suddenly traveled to Europe and have a hint of the life of the city one hundred years ago.

Shanghai is a very nice city to visit in your Chinese Tour, and it is worth spending some days there! Don’t miss it!

Jack Li
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