Instant noodles were invented by the Japanese, but the biggest consumers of these noodles are the Chinese ! Chinese people eat 42 billion packs of instant noodles per year, that is to say that they represent 44% of the world consumption of these noodles, amazing right ? In fact, I’ve never eaten as much noodles as in my whole life during my China travel.

You can find instant noodles everywhere you go at anytime. Noodles are very simple, quick and convenient to prepare, all you need is some hot/boiling water, and in only 3 minutes, your noodles are ready. Chinese people eat noodles for breakfast, lunch or dinner ! Yes, I said for breakfast, they put an egg and some vegetables with it. I’m pretty sure that you were served instant noodles in your China flights. And if you ever doing your China tours by train, you will see numerous Chinese people eating noodles at the station. As a student, I can say that little packets of dried noodles are the best seller of all the groceries around the University.

Each pack is composed by a block of dried noodles, a flavoring pack and seasoning oil, you can also find a plastic fork in noodles cups. Instant noodles are sold everywhere : groceries, on the street, at supermarkets, and it is also served in restaurants. Indeed, I think that the main difference between a western supermarket and a Asian one is the presence or absence of the noodles shelf. There is a huge choice of noodles flavor, and so many different brands. The best seller in China is Master Kong’s noodles, they managed to launch a wide variety of flavors that fit the local eating habits for each region. For example, they launched spicy noodles in Sichuan, “halal” noodles for the large Muslim community living in China and if you like lamb meat during your travel to Tibet you may taste lamb flavoring noodles who knows ?

Jack Li
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