The best place to buy some electronic devices in Beijing is Zhong Guan Cun. This place is located in Haidian Disctrict between the 3rd and the 4th ring road. Zhong Guan Cun is a technology hub in this dicstrict, it is very famous all around China and it is also called the China’s Silicon Valley. This zone is mainly composed of education & research centers, high tech companies and markets. It is worth to see at night because of all the lights of the modern buildings and even by day, you would feel travelling to Shanghai, Hong Kong or to any other cities like that. It is definitely the best place to buy electronic devices at a good bargain.

There are 5 big electronic markets: Hailong Market, Guigu Market, Taipingyang Market, Dinghao Market and Kemao Market. These markets are in fact technology bazaars where you can find anything you need. They mainly sell computers, computer components, software, hardware, peripherals, tablets, mobile phones, accessories and cameras. Second-hand products are sold too, but you should be careful buying mobile phones for example, a lot of copies are available, so you should look more carefully before being fooled.

I first went there last week; I have heard that I could find enough good quality and cheap technology. Once out of the subway I felt like not being in the capital anymore, and I was quite lost in fact. I wanted to go there to buy an USB key and an additional extern rechargeable battery for my iPhone, so my phone would never be out of charge for my upcoming China tour. I watched for a while all the buildings behind me and casually step into a random building. The first impression that I had it’s that there were only Chinese people; I think that I haven’t seen any foreigners that day. I’ve never seen as much people carrying PC power stations like if it was shopping bags full of food in a supermarket. Like in any other place employees are welcoming you and ask you what you are looking for. But I didn’t know for who they work since the building is full of independent shops and stands, so I ignored them fearing that they want to make me pay a service that I didn’t need. They insisted a lot but they finally gave up and stop following us. So, we slowly walked through the alleys and discovered this “new world”. Yes, I used that word because most of the time I had no idea of what is sold in front of my eyes; components here and there. I think that this would be the Temple of Heaven for geeks. I finally found some USB key, I bought a 8Go key for only 35RMB. Then, I went to another stand to buy my rechargeable battery, at first she wanted to make me pay 260RMB but I finally got it at 160RMB. I don’t know what the product worth, but she told me that this was the best; I think that I’ll know the answer after my trip… Anyway it isn’t that expensive. By the way I think that I’m planning to buy an external hard drive and other software next time, and even buy some video games for my cousins.

No need to be fond of electronics and computer to appreciate these markets, just dive in this technological world! Don’t miss it if you travel to China.

Jack Li
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