After have been living Beijing’s heaviest rainfall in 60 years this weekend, and have walked in the capital’s pond like a child, it made me want to write about Chinese water parks. I think that the best place to have fun with your family in a hot summer day would be spending it in water parks during your China travel.

First I’ll give you some tips you should know before jumping in the water, especially for girls. In my first China tour, I didn’t know that Chinese girls were wearing this type of swimsuit, and I showed up in the water park with a bikini. Everyone was looking at me in a very strange way, like if I was an alien, and I really didn’t know why. And then, I realized that at these times (in 2007) no one was wearing bikinis, and they never saw someone wearing one. It was quite embarrassing, but a funny story to tell. Chinese girls don’t wear bikinis, they try to cover their body as much as possible to avoid being tanned and because it is not usual to show their bodies like that. They wear one piece swimsuit covered with a pareo or a little skirt which is part of the outfit. But because of western influence you can see few girls wearing bikinis in pools nowadays, besides it is still not common. Other thing, in general water parks and swimming pools provide communal showers, Chinese people take their shower naked, so don’t be shocked. Of course, if you don’t feel like being naked in front of strangers you can keep your swimsuit on; it’s not an obligation but just a Chinese habit just so you know. Moreover, like all Chinese places you will be served Chinese meals in the restaurant court or the snack stands.

Now that you are well advised let’s travel to Guang Zhou at Chimelong Water Park. This is the largest and most advanced water park in the world. The park was designed by Whitewater and Forrec, both of which are internationally renowned Canadian theme park design companies. All the water rides in the park were imported, and almost all of them are award-winning rides. It definitely offers the latest water ride attractions guaranteed to thrill those seeking adventure, fun and a chance to escape from the city. Chimelong Water Park is located in Panyu District, Guangzhou, 35mins from the heart of Guangzhou City. It is situated on Metro Line 3, at Hanxi-Changlong Station, and is also reachable by bus, taxi or private vehicle. It costs 140RMB per adult and 70RMB for children less than 1.4m and the opening hours are from 9:30am to 9:00pm.

I went there on a week day in August, during vacation time, I must say that the park was quite busy and we had to wait for a while to buy tickets but then it was ok. I mean, even if the park was crowded, there were enough space for everyone, I didn’t felt packed. As everywhere in China I had to wait to get on the attractions but I didn’t wait that long, less than 10min I would say and I could even do few times again. The water is clean, and it felt so good to swim on the main pool waiting for the wave’s time. The level of security is quite good for children, I was with my little cousin and he couldn’t go on a lot of potential “risky” areas without an adult. There is a great variety among the attractions, you really have the choice, and moreover children’s attractions are just the soft versions of the adult ones. If you pay for the evening ticket you can attend to the “pool party” with some electro music.

Spending the day having fun in family in water parks is the best way to spend summertime and to relax after your China tours!

Jack Li
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  1. Alison says:

    Haa j’ai trop envie d’y aller ! En plus ça va c’est pas cher, mais bon je crains un peu la foule…
    Et les gens qui prennent leur douche tout nus hahaha, je savais pas ! Oo

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