Have you ever been to WuDaoKou during your travel to Beijing ? WuDaoKou is located in the 4th ring of Beijing, Haidian district. This place is known as the “student’s area” because of the numerous universities around. I think that this place is way more fun than SanLiTun if you don’t have a lot of money to have a drink and chill out with your friends. Of course clubs and bars in SanLiTun is more sophisticated and more expensive than WuDaoKou’s ones, but the two places don’t target the same clientele. Moreover, there you can find all the foreign students who came in Beijing to study at the universities around. If you want to make new friends from all around the world and have some fun, here you are !

The neighborhood is not very vast, almost all the restaurants,bars and clubs are concentrated on this single street, at CaiJingDongLu. Let me introduce you some of these places, I mean the ones it would be interesting for you to go and see on your China travel.

Helen’s Café

Helen’s bar & Café is a staple in WuDaoKou. It is know as the international student hangout, especially made for backpacker types. Here you can find diner type meals and all kind of drinks (cocktails, beers, buckets…) at a very good price. The music is good, you can feel free to dance or even sing on Thursdays for the Karaoke night. The waiters are kind, they will be glad to have a conversation with you if they are not too busy and some of them can perform magic tricks ! The most striking thing when one comes in are the walls covered with graffiti. Everyone can write something to say “I was here” or to leave any message you want. It’s a place full of life and probably one of my favorite, not to say my favorite. However, I must say that when the bar is overcrowded, standing in while everyone is bumping on you is not that funny but I like this place anyway.

La Bamba
This is place where you can eat Mexican food, but don’t get me wrong, I didn’t say that it was a Mexican restaurant. La Bamba is a 2-floor-restaurant/bar, there Mexican food is served as well as burgers, pizzas, or pastas. The first floor looks more like a bar, and the second floor like a restaurant, but you can eat on both of the floors, the music is just louder downstairs. While all the latest hits are playing, you can play darts and a good game of pool with your friends. Meals and drinks are cheap, happy hours are from Sunday to Thursday, and on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at lunch time (from 11am to 6pm) dishes of the day are cheaper than usual. Sometimes music is too loud on the first floor and the service is a bit slow but it is still worth it for the price you pay.

Propaganda, Sensation & Wu Club

First, I should tell you that dressing up is not necessary to enter, they accept you just as you are, this isn’t a fancy club. The entrance won’t cost you anything, except on Wednesday for the open bar (30RMB for girls and 60RMB for boys). Second, as you can guess, parties are college type ones, wild with an underground atmosphere. They play commercial music, and don’t be surprised if they change it every 30 seconds. These 3 clubs are nearly the same, the Wu Club is much bigger. Propaganda is located just below La Bamba and next to it you have the Sensation and the Wu Club lies at the foot of the U-center building near the subway station.

The Global Club used to be a Korean club, but few months ago, they decided to renew it to meet the clientele’s expectations. The atmosphere, the music, the design of the Global is likely to be the same than SanLiTun’s clubs in general. The Djs are not bad, they come from France, they are still young, but they run the party ! They often organize special parties, with dancers, gifts, contest, and other rewards. Drinks are not expensive and girls don’t pay to get in, for boys, it’s 50RMB.

So, now that you know what’s good to do there, what about chilling out some day after your Beijing tour ?

Jack Li
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    Good Article, I live nearby and will visit some of your suggestions this weekend.

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